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Minecraft Axes

Axe in Minecraft is a tool used to break wooden blocks faster or as a weapon in some circumstances. It can be found in generated chests in igloos, underwater ruins, and even next to ruined portals. To craft an axe, open the crafting table, place two sticks in the second and third box of the middle column. Then, place two blocks of a material, either Wood, Stone, Gold, Iron, Diamond, Netherite, in the first two boxes of the first row and finally one block in the first box of the second row. Axes can be used to strip the wood by simply right-clicking the log. Lastly, axes can be repaired using the anvil.

You can also strip wood logs for decorative purposes. An axe may not be as frequently used as a pickaxe, but you will still want to use one throughout your playthrough.

MaterialAttack DamageAttack Speed (Java)Lifetime Damage
Wooden(Java): 3 and a half full hearts; (Bedrock): 1 and a half full hearts0.8(Java): 105 full hearts; (Bedrock): 88 full hearts
Golden(Java): 3 and a half full hearts; (Bedrock): 1 and a half full hearts1.0(Java): 59.5 full hearts; (Bedrock): 48 full hearts
Stone(Java): 4 and a half full hearts; (Bedrock) 2 full hearts0.8(Java): 297 full hearts; (Bedrock): 262 full hearts
Iron(Java): 4 and a half full hearts; (Bedrock) 2 and a half full hearts0.9(Java): 567 full hearts; (Bedrock): 625 full hearts
Diamond(Java): 4 and a half full hearts; (Bedrock): 3 full hearts1.0(Java): 3514.5 full hearts; (Bedrock): 4683 full hearts
Netherite(Java): 5 full hearts; (Bedrock): 3 and a half full hearts1.0(Java): 5075 full hearts; (Bedrock): 7108.5 full hearts

How to Get an Axe in Minecraft

Axes can be found in generated chests in Minecraft. If you select the “bonus chest” option before world generation, a chest will spawn in front of you containing a wooden or stone axe. A stone axe can be generated in igloos and underwater ruins - not to be confused with underwater temples. Finally, you could find an enchanted golden axe next to ruined portals.

Golden Axe in Chest

This is not a reliable way to find an axe, and it is much easier to craft on yourself. There are six different types of axes: wood, stone, gold, iron, diamond, and netherite axes.

How to Make?

To make an axe yourself you will need two sticks and three of the appropriate type of material. If you want an iron axe you will need three iron ingots and if you want a diamond axe you will need three diamonds. This is the recipe for every axe except for netherite axes. Place two sticks in the middlemost and middle bottom column and place three of the appropriate material around the top of the sticks.

Crafting a stone axe

You can place the materials in either corner.

Crafting an iron axe

It is not essential to have an axe, but it will save you a lot of time, especially if you are looking to build out of wood.

How to Repair

The simplest way to repair your axes is to place two of the same type of axe into your crafting menu. This will consume one of the axes but will add the durability of both the axes +5% into one axe.

Repairing your axe in Minecraft

If you carry multiple of one tool this can get you more mileage out of your tools as you will get more usage out of your tools.

You can also repair your tools at a grindstone or an anvil. I would recommend against using an anvil unless you have to due to enchantments, as this will make the next subsequent repair/upgrade at an anvil cost more as well as lower the durability of your anvil.

Repair and disenchantment menu

The anvil will give you the biggest durability improvement, but at the cost of levels and anvil durability.

Repairing your stone axe in Minecraft


Axes can be used to chop wooden blocks faster. Not just wood and planks, but just about everything that is made out of wooden planks. You can also right click on a log in order to strip the wood off the log.

Usage of axe in Minecraft

This can be useful if you want a smoother wooden texture for your builds.


Are axes better than swords Minecraft?

In Java edition, axes will hit harder than swords, but they are slower. They also take more durability damage when used to hit a mob rather than wood. The extra damage can be important if you are looking to kill a mob as soon as possible. In Bedrock edition axes will do less damage than a sword with the same type.

What is the best Axe in Minecraft?

The best axe in Minecraft would be a netherite axe. To make a netherite axe you will need a netherite ingot and one diamond axe. Place both into a smithing table in order to create a netherite axe.

What is the rarest weapon in Minecraft?

Any weapon made out of netherite would be the rarest weapon. Netherite is incredibly rare as it requires you to find four ancient debris in the nether which is almost as rare as diamonds. This makes netherite weapons and tools the rarest weapon in Minecraft.

Is fortune or silk touch better on an Axe?

Silk touch does not accomplish much on an Axe, it will allow you to get leaf blocks, but a pair of shears does the job faster. Not only is a silk touch axe outclasses by a pair of shears, but a silk touch axe cannot drop saplings from breaking leaf blocks. A fortune axe increases the chance of getting apples, sticks, and saplings from leaf blocks, but can also be used to harvest crops with the fortune benefit. It will increase the amount of potatoes that drop from fully grown crops and the amount of seeds that drop from wheat. Fortune seems to be more versatile of an enchantment for axes.

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