4 best ways to mine ancient debris in Minecraft 1.19 update

Ancient Debris (Image via Mojang)
Ancient Debris (Image via Mojang)

The 1.19 update for Minecraft has been officially released, and it brought a lot of changes. It added two new biomes to the game, along with three mobs. The gameplay remains the same, but it has almost certainly been enhanced by the update. It's a much bigger and arguably better game now with the latest update.

Many of the changes are restricted to the Overworld. The Deep Dark and Mangrove Swamps have the majority of changes, and they are both in the Overworld. Both the Nether and the End have remained largely untouched in the update.

Netherite is still the strongest item in the game even after the update. It's still extremely important for players to find it. Here's how best to do that in the latest version of Minecraft.

Minecraft 1.19 version: How to get Ancient Debris

4) Good old fashioned mining


The simplest method for finding Ancient Debris in the game is not the most efficient or the fastest, but it's the only one that doesn't require a lot of extra items or steps. All it needs is a lot of pickaxes and some determination. At least one pickaxe needs to be of diamond or higher level.

Netherracks can be mined very easily, and it can even be done without a pickaxe (this is not recommended, though). However, it'll be much faster to use good pickaxes. Ancient Debris can only be mined by diamond or Netherite pickaxes.

It's just like strip mining, but it's even less rewarding than that. Ancient Debris is exceptionally rare in the game, so mining for it will take a long time. What's even worse is that once players find one block, they are just 25% of the way to one Netherite ingot.

3) End crystals

Checking out the unbreakable end crystal at spawn of #2b2t. #Minecraft

End crystals will explode if Minecraft players touch them. They cause a pretty significant explosion, which makes them useful for finding Ancient Debris in the game. The best way to find this elusive block is by clearing as much area as possible, and the most effective way to do it is with explosions.

Here's the safest way to do it:

  1. Travel to height level Y 11-13 in the Nether.
  2. Place an obsidian block on the ground.
  3. Place one end crystal on top of it.
  4. Travel back a good distance.
  5. Shoot the crystal with an arrow to make it explode.

Unfortunately, end crystals are difficult to obtain in the game, which is why this method isn't always efficient. Additionally, if Minecraft players have the resources to make end crystals, they may already have Netherite.

2) TNT explosions

Mining Ancient Debris (Image via u/SubTerminalVelocity on Reddit)
Mining Ancient Debris (Image via u/SubTerminalVelocity on Reddit)

Since explosions are the best way to clear out space and reveal any potential Ancient Debris blocks, TNT is a great item to have. It's a pretty easy item to craft in the game, as it only requires sand and gunpowder. The only challenge is that, unless Minecraft players have flaming arrows, it has to be ignited from up close. Players can turn and run back after igniting it, but sometimes, they don't get far enough away.

Either way, this is still a very effective way to check for Ancient Debris. There's no telling where it might be, but this will reveal large chunks of space for players to find out if it is there. If not, crafters can move forward and try again.

1) Exploding beds

CHAT: "Yo Retro do not forget to bring the bed in the Nether in case you die there"ME: *Trusts Chat*#Minecraft

Out of all the explosive items in the game, beds are the easiest to acquire. They only explode in other dimensions, which makes them an effective option here. Beds make a spawn point and can allow Minecraft players to sleep through the night, but crafters only need one or two to accomplish that. The extras can be put to good use while looking for Ancient Debris in the game.

This functions in the same way as TNT. Players will need to stay as far back as possible when clicking on the bed because it will immediately explode. Hopefully, that explosion will reveal a couple blocks of Ancient Debris.

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