5 best beginner tips for Minecraft Skyblock

Minecraft Skyblock is a popular mode (Image via WallpaperAccess/Minecraft)
Minecraft Skyblock is a popular mode (Image via WallpaperAccess/Minecraft)
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Skyblock is one of Minecraft’s most famous game modes, existing in its many forms since 2011. It challenges the players’ knowledge of Minecraft mechanics.

Skyblock asks them to survive with just a small area of ground and dirt in the sky, a solitary tree, and a few resources in a chest to get them going.

The game mode takes place in a classic survival world. It includes everything that happens in survival mode, like the day-night cycle and hostile mobs spawning at night. There are all kinds of challenges to be faced along the way, meaning gamers new to this mode can often feel overwhelmed by the restrictions that it presents.

Minecraft Skyblock: Valuable tips for beginners

5) Make a cobblestone generator


Cobblestone is one of the most common types of blocks in Minecraft. It is made by mixing flowing water and flowing lava, giving players an infinite amount of cobblestone blocks.

They can use these blocks and their subsidiaries like slabs, walls, and stairs for several essential builds and structures within Skyblock.

4) Expand surrounding area

An expanded area in Skyblock (Image via Minecraft)
An expanded area in Skyblock (Image via Minecraft)

Skyblock starts with users in a tiny space of land in the middle of the sky. To reach other structures, placed at a distance, like little villages and chunks of land within a different biome, they have to make platforms.

However, it is highly recommended to expand those platforms into areas where they can construct important structures to help with progression, such as mob spawners, panic shelters, and crop farms.

The cobblestone generator can be of assistance here.

3) Craft stone slabs

An area carved out of stone slabs (Image via Minecraft)
An area carved out of stone slabs (Image via Minecraft)

An interesting fact for players new to Skyblock is that mobs cannot spawn on slabs, regardless of the material used to make them, i.e., cobblestone, wood, etc. However, placing other blocks on slabs makes them float, and mobs can still spawn on those blocks.

Therefore, an expanded area made out of stone slabs would be a good place to move around when fighting hostile mobs or taking a break at a safe place.

2) Build a mob farm


Hostile mobs might threaten gamers, but they are needed for essential materials exclusive to drops from them. Building a mob farm is a great way to obtain materials like string, bones, rotten flesh, bows, and arrows.

A mob farm should be built at least 24 blocks away from the player’s spawn and should have a fence around it.

1) Collect bonemeal

Bonemeal is essential (Image via Minecraft)
Bonemeal is essential (Image via Minecraft)

Bonemeal is an important resource used to speed up the growth of crops and trees in Minecraft. Using a small amount of bonemeal on saplings and crops like wheat and potatoes can significantly reduce the time it takes to acquire food from farms.

Bonemeal is obtained from bones, so building a skeleton farm would be prudent.

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