5 best cosmetic mods for Minecraft

Cosmetic mods (Image via CurseForge/Minecraft)
Cosmetic mods (Image via CurseForge/Minecraft)
Manish Kumar Choudhary

Like many other games, Minecraft has a modding community too. There are thousands of mods and modpacks available for customizing Minecraft.

Some mods try to introduce new features without straying too far from vanilla, while others change the game completely. Many players prefer to keep the original Minecraft experience but tweak it up with some cosmetic mods.

Cosmetic mods focus on improving the appearance of in-game blocks and items. This article lists some of the best cosmetic mods for Minecraft.

Minecraft: Best cosmetic mods

5) Chisels & Bits


Chisels & Bits are among the most famous mods in the Minecraft building community. As Minecraft is a block game, using other kinds of shapes can be tricky, complicated and sometimes impossible. Due to this, some players like to rely on Chisels & Bits mod for decorating their bases.

The Chisels & Bits mod adds various new items like chisels, quills, magnifying glasses and more. With this mod, players can give blocks a smooth texture and turn them into custom shapes.

Download Chisels & Bits from here.

4) MrCrayfish's Furniture mod


When talking about decorations and cosmetics, MrCrayfish's Furniture mod always deserves a place in the conversation. This Minecraft mod adds custom furniture like tables, chairs, sofas, computers, mailboxes and more. MrCrayfish's Furniture mod helps players decorate the interior of their builds.

Download MrCrayfish's Furniture mod from here.

3) Storage Drawers

Storage Drawers (Image via CurseForge/Minecraft)
Storage Drawers (Image via CurseForge/Minecraft)

At some point, players may get bored of using the same chests and shulker boxes repeatedly. The Storage Drawers mod adds realistic drawers as a new storage option in Minecraft. These drawers can be used as decoration and for storing items.

Download the Storage Drawers mod from here.

2) Quark


Quark is a customizable mod with various ways to change things in Minecraft. This mod features everything its creator would have added if Mojang hired them. There are many features fans have been wanting in Minecraft for a long time.

Quark has tons of features related to building, automation and mobs. It tweaks the overall Minecraft experience without going too far from vanilla.

Download Quark from here.

1) Pam's HarvestCraft


Tired of farming the same crops every day? Try Pam's HarvestCraft mod. It adds over 80 new crops, 50 fruit trees and more than 1,000 new foods and items. Crops are a simple yet beautiful way to decorate bases in Minecraft.

With Pam's HarvestCraft, players can add more color and greenery to their builds. Other than crops, there are many new blocks related to vegetation and flora.

Download Pam's HarvestCraft from here.

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