5 best food items that animal mobs eat in Minecraft

Minecraft poster (Image via Wallpaper access)
Minecraft poster (Image via Wallpaper access)

Survival is one of the popular aspects of Minecraft. After spawning in Minecraft, players have to protect themselves from dangerous mobs in caves and during nighttime.

In contrast, players have to gather resources like ores, blocks, and food during the daytime.

They can gather different types of food items in Minecraft which include fruits, vegetables, meat, etc. Out of all them, cooked meat has one of the highest recovery points and hunger saturation.

As raw meat can be obtained by killing animals, players have to create an animal farm.

Animal farms are simple to build since players only need to feed their respective foods to breed them. This article informs about some of the best food items animal mobs eat in Minecraft.

Best food items for animals mobs in Minecraft

#5 - Carrots

Growing carrots (Image via Mojang)
Growing carrots (Image via Mojang)

Carrots are easy to grow crops in Minecraft. Using carrots, players can breed pigs and rabbits. Killing pigs and rabbits drop pork chops and raw rabbit meat, respectively.

Carrots can also be used to craft golden carrots, carrot on a fishing rod, and mushroom stew. Players can find these in villages, shipwrecks, and pillager outposts.

Sometimes, zombies, villager zombies, and husks can also drop carrots upon dying.

#4 - Bones

Taming wolves (Image via Minecraft Mods)
Taming wolves (Image via Minecraft Mods)

Bones are needed to tame wolves in Minecraft. While they are not technically a food item, wolves sure love eating them. Wolves are one of the most adorable and courageous animals in Minecraft that allow players to attack other mobs and opponents.

Once tamed, players can feed them various meat or bones to breed them.

#3 - Tropical fish


Minecraft 1.17 Caves and Cliffs update introduced cute axolotls. This new mob is obviously adorable, but some players may not know that they are hostile as well. The good news is axolotls are only aggressive towards aquatic mobs except for turtles and dolphins.

Players can use buckets of tropical fish to feed axolotls and breed them. By breeding them, they can create a massive army of axolotls capable of taking down elder guardians in ocean monuments.

#2 - Seeds

Taming parrots (Image via Ender-chest.com)
Taming parrots (Image via Ender-chest.com)

Seeds are pretty helpful for breeding chickens. Since these are easy to get, players can create a chicken farm early-game without much trouble.

They can also use seeds to tame parrots. Akin to wolves and cats, tamed parrots will follow the players and also sit on their shoulders however, they cannot be bred in Minecraft.

#1 - Wheat

Breeding cows (Image vi a ProGameGuides)
Breeding cows (Image vi a ProGameGuides)

Wheat is one of the oldest crops in Minecraft. Players can use wheat for breeding cows, goats, mooshrooms, and sheep.

They can also craft haybales and feed them to horses, llamas, and donkeys for healing.

Wheat can also be used to craft bread, one of the best early-game food options.

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