5 best food items to cook in Minecraft

Steve holding a cooked chicken and salmon in his hands (Image via Minecraft)
Steve holding a cooked chicken and salmon in his hands (Image via Minecraft)

Most gamers play Minecraft in survival or hardcore game mode, which requires them to eat in order to maintain their hunger levels. For those unaware, hunger is a Minecraft feature that goes down when the player is doing something.

The amount of hunger that the player loses in Minecraft depends on how tiring their activities were. Hunger points are denoted as drumsticks in the game, seen above the players' hotbar. Each drumstick represents two hunger points.

There are a lot of different food items that players can consume. However, not all of them restore reasonable amounts of hunger. Raw items can be cooked in a furnace, smoke, or campfire. Cooked food will always restore more health points than raw items.

Best food items to cook in Minecraft


5) Chicken


As players can guess, chicken can be obtained by killing them in the game. Another source of raw chicken is cat gifts. Upon eating raw chicken, only two of the player's hunger points are restored.

However, once cooked, it restores three times the hunger points than raw chicken. There's also a 30% chance of players getting food poisoning by eating raw chicken.

4) Mutton

Raw mutton (Image via Minecraft)
Raw mutton (Image via Minecraft)

Mutton can be obtained by killing sheep and sometimes, from the loot chests of butcher village houses. Cooked mutton can restore six hunger points, while its raw variant can only restore two.

Once a butcher has been leveled up to the apprentice, they have a 25 percent chance of offering four cooked muttons in exchange for one emerald in Bedrock Edition.

3) Salmon


The most reliable source of salmon in the game is salmon itself. Aside from killing them, players can obtain raw salmon by fishing, killing polar bears, guardians, and elder guardians and from fisherman's chest. Like mutton, cooked salmon restores six hunger points for players who eat it.

2) Porkchop

Raw porkchop (Image via Minecraft)
Raw porkchop (Image via Minecraft)

Pigs can drop up to three porkchops, while hoglins can provide four when killed without using a weapon with the Looting enchantment. Apart from mob drops, players can also get them from chests lying in butcher houses and hoglin stables found in bastions.

Raw porkchop increases the player's health by three points, while cooked porkchop replenishes it by eight.

1) Beef


When killed, cows and mooshrooms can drop up to three raw beef. Players can obtain the same from the chests found in butcher houses. Raw beef increases the player's health points by only three, but after being cooked, the amount rises to eight.

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