5 best items to buy from villagers in Minecraft

Villager stuck inside well (Image via Minecraft)
Villager stuck inside well (Image via Minecraft)

Ever since Minecraft 1.14 Village & Pillage update, villagers have become one of the best sources for various items in the game. Villagers can trade a wide variety of things in Minecraft.

All villager trades include emeralds as it's their standard currency. Players can either sell them items to obtain emeralds or buy items by trading emeralds. Thanks to villagers, many resources have become renewable, like bricks, apples, bells, and more.

While villagers can sell many items, not all of them are worth spending emeralds over. This article showcases five of the best items players can obtain by trading with villagers in Minecraft.

Note: The list is subjective and reflects the views of the writer.

Best items to buy from Minecraft villagers

5) Golden carrots

Golden carrot model (Image via Minecraft)
Golden carrot model (Image via Minecraft)

Golden carrots are one of the best food items in Minecraft. Players can get tons of golden carrots just by trading with master-level farmers. Eating one golden carrot recovers three hunger points and provides 14.4 saturation points.

Players can also use golden carrots to make night vision potions. By unlocking the golden carrot trade, players can also sell their melons and pumpkins for some emeralds.

4) Bookshelves

With the help of bookshelves, players can abuse an in-game feature for infinite emerald. By curing a librarian with bookshelves and book trade, players can make as many emeralds as they want.

After getting cured, librarians will sell one bookshelf for one emerald. Players can mine a bookshelf with a normal tool to get three books. Then, they can sell these books to the librarian for one emerald and triple the profit.

3) Tipped arrows

Arriw of weakness (Image via Minecraft)
Arriw of weakness (Image via Minecraft)

Master-level fletchers have a 50% chance to sell one out of 16 tipped arrows in Minecraft. If a player manages to get a fletcher with the arrow of weakness trade, they won't have to brew weakness potions for curing villagers.

The only other way to get tipped arrows is by obtaining the dragon's breath. It is easier to get tipped arrows by trading with fletchers, though.

2) Diamond tool, armor, and weapons

Players can get an enchanted tool, armor, and weapon by trading with master-level toolsmiths, armorers, and weaponsmiths. Players can get almost every diamond item just by trading with villagers.

Players can also reduce the cost of diamond gear to one emerald by curing villagers. This way, players can get infinite diamond items for emeralds.

1) Enchanted book

Enchanted book is arguably the best trade in Minecraft. Except for Soul Speed, players can get all enchantments just by trading with librarians in Minecraft. Since novice librarians can sell enchanted books, players can reset the trade by breaking and placing lectern again and again until they have the desired trade.

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