5 best items to make in Minecraft Education Edition

Education Edition (Image via Mojang)
Education Edition (Image via Mojang)

Minecraft Education Edition is a wonderful initiative started by Mojang in November 2016. Minecraft is among the most played games globally, with players from all age groups.

Many young gamers enjoy Minecraft every day. With Education Edition, students can learn coding, chemistry, and more while playing Minecraft. This special edition has all features of Minecraft and new blocks, items, and mobs related to education.

Players can extract elements from blocks and use them to make various compounds. This article lists five interesting items to craft in Minecraft Education Edition.

Best things to craft in Minecraft Education Edition

5) Bleach

Bleach (Image via Minecraft)
Bleach (Image via Minecraft)

Bleach is one of the many chemical compounds players can make in Minecraft Education Edition. To create bleach, players will need a lab table. Place three water and three sodium hypochlorites to make bleach in Minecraft. Sodium hypochlorite is created by combining sodium, chlorine, and oxygen.

In Minecraft Education Edition, players can use bleach instead of white dye. Bleach can turn wool, beds, banners, and carpets of any color into white.

4) Glow stick

Glow squid (Image via Minecraft)
Glow squid (Image via Minecraft)

The glow stick is the closest players can get to a lightsaber in Minecraft. Players can craft a glow stick by combining seven polyethylene, one hydrogen peroxide, and a dye.

Players can shake glow sticks to make them glow. Sadly, this item is just for aesthetic purposes as glow sticks do not produce any light. Glow sticks stop glowing after running out of durability points,

3) Medicines

Medicines (Image via Minecraft)
Medicines (Image via Minecraft)

In Minecraft Education Edition, players can craft four types of medicine: antidote, elixir, eye drops, and tonic. Medicines are the opposite of potions as they remove status effects instead of applying them.

Medicines are created in a brewing stand by adding specific chemicals to awkward potions. Here are the recipes for four medicines and their effects:

  • Add silver to make antidote. It cures poison.
  • Add cobalt to make elixir. It cures weakness.
  • Add calcium to make eye drops. It cures blindness.
  • Add bismuth to make tonic. It cures nausea.

2) Sparkler


Players can enjoy sparklers in Minecraft Education Edition. To craft sparkers, players need chloride salt, magnesium, and sticks. Sparkler's color depends on the type of chloride salt used for making it.

  • Calcium chloride: Orange
  • Cerium chloride: Blue
  • Mercuric chloride: Red
  • Potassium chloride: Purple
  • Tungsten chloride: Green

1) Balloons

Balloons (Image via Minecraft)
Balloons (Image via Minecraft)

Since helium gas is available in Minecraft Education Edition, players can craft balloons. To make one balloon, players need six latex, one lead, one helium, and a dye.

Players can attach balloons to mobs and make them fly away. Likewise, balloons can also be tied to fences, after which they float in one place.

Minecraft Education Edition provides over 100 elements and compounds. Students can use them to create many unique items and learn about chemistry.

Disclaimer: This list is subjective and solely reflects the views of the writer.

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Edited by Shaheen Banu
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