5 best maps on Minecraft Marketplace

There are hundreds of maps available for download on the Minecraft Marketplace (Image via Reddit)
There are hundreds of maps available for download on the Minecraft Marketplace (Image via Reddit)

The Minecraft Marketplace is exclusive to the Bedrock Edition of the game and allows players to download many Minecraft-related expansions, including new mods, skins, and maps.

Although the Marketplace is quite easy to browse, there is an incredible amount of maps for sale. This can be rather overwhelming, especially for those new to the game.

With that in mind, this article will highlight five of the absolute best maps available in the Minecraft Marketplace.

Top 5 best maps on Minecraft Marketplace available for download

5) Herobrine's Mansion

Herobrines mansion is a thrill to play from start to finish (Image via DeviantArt)
Herobrines mansion is a thrill to play from start to finish (Image via DeviantArt)

Many OG Minecraft fans will likely recognize the name "Herobrine" as one of the most illusive and mysterious Minecraft mobs to ever exist.

Although the existence of this mob is a hot topic up for debate, this Minecraft map which can be downloaded on the Marketplace allows players to explore a spooky mansion supposedly owned by Herobrine himself.

Inside the mansion, players are in for a world of wacky adventures, featuring boss battles, new items, and a huge variety of puzzles to complete. There's enough content here to keep any Minecrafter entertained for hours on end.

4) Parkour School


Thanks to TikTok and YouTube videos, Minecraft parkour servers have seen an astronomical rise and are now one of the most popular gamemodes.

Gamers looking to get their feet wet in the world of Minecraft parkour might be interested in the Parkour School map. As the name suggests, it helps teach players key elements of Minecraft parkour and will aid even the most novice parkour artist to learn some seriously impressive skills.

Featuring 15 hand-made levels, all varying in difficulty, there's something here for everyone.

3) Papercraft 2: City Project


Although Minecraft is of course a 3D game, the Papercraft 2: City Project map embraces the world of 2D objects and brings them to life in a fun and unique way.

In it, players are tasked with collecting various stickers that are hidden around the map. There's also a plethora of new quests to complete, many of which reward players with epic new items and collectables.

Furthermore, this map also adds some seriously cool new vehicles to play around with, including paper planes, hot air balloons, and much more.

2) Creative+


This popular map by Minecraft map creators "Pixels & Blocks" allows players to reach new heights of creativity.

Although building tools and mods are popular in MInecraft Java Edition, the Creative+ map takes it to a whole new level. There's a bunch of new building-focused tools included here, one of the most fun featuring a throwable TNT block that allows for easy removal of parts from any build.

If all this wasn't enough, this map also comes with six brand new, highly-detailed Minecraft skins for players to use.

1) Robot Prison


Heavily inspired by Minecraft prison servers, this Marketplace map created by design team "Mythicus" features a futuristic prison world in which players need to escape from.

There's plenty to do on Robot Prison, including upgrading mines, unlocking new resource areas, and even battling against evil robot prison guards.

Furthermore, it is fully multiplayer compatible. This means that players can enjoy it with others who have also purchased and downloaded the map.

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