5 best Minecraft 1.19 Bedrock seeds to try in 2022

Top 5 Bedrock 1.19 Seeds in Minecraft (Image via Minecraft)
Top 5 Bedrock 1.19 Seeds in Minecraft (Image via Minecraft)
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Anmol David

The sandbox nature of Minecraft allows players to experience the game in different ways every time a new world is loaded up. Each new world, also known as 'seed,' brings something new and unpredictable to a player’s journey in the game. Since each seed is randomly generated, there can be an indefinite number of possibilities as to what it could contain.

Minecraft Bedrock recently received the much-anticipated 1.19 update along with its counterpart, the Java Edition. While each new seed works in both Bedrock and Java editions (due to the seed parity feature introduced in the Caves and Cliffs Part 2 update), it means that the seed remains the same while structures and points of interest that are inside it are highly likely to not be present.

This article will list five unique seeds for the Bedrock Edition of Minecraft.

Note: This article is subjective and solely reflects the opinion of the author.

5) Large mangrove swamp at spawn (Seed: 865485470365011767)


This seed spawns the player inside a large mangrove swamp biome. In this biome, Mud blocks can be found everywhere, along with mangrove trees. Players won’t need to worry about wood with this spawn point.

While exploring around, players can find a plains biome to the south of the mangrove swamp. The biome throws the player straight into a large field where building a house would be a great choice.

A gigantic jungle can be found along the west, and a forest biome can be found towards the south. Additionally, a village lies in the plains biome, just southeast of spawn.

4) Multiple structures near spawn (Seed: -2363055906115447481)


This magnificent Minecraft seed spawns the player in a wooded badlands biome surrounded by a large desert and near two villages. If players navigate to the coordinates mentioned below, they can find a ton of different structures and a gigantic cave that leads to some exposed dripstone and a mineshaft, and ends up in a straight dive to Y level -52.

The biggest structure located here is a pillager outpost with its base partially submerged in water. Players can find an allay cage in the outpost. A village can also be found near this structure, towards the north. Finally, a mangrove swamp can be found towards the northwest of the outpost.

Coordinates for outpost: -943, 67, 334

Coordinates for mangrove swamp: -1240, 79, 367

3) Huge mushroom biome near spawn (Seed: -3832188667730420108)


This seed spawns the player on an island, where a desert temple can be found near the spawn area. However, one of the most important features of this seed is the gigantic mushroom biome, which is one of the best and rarest biomes in the game. For players who are unaware, the mushroom biome is the only biome in the game where hostile mobs cannot spawn. This makes it an amazing area to build a base and stay safe in Minecraft.

Coordinates for mushroom biome: -307, 63, 210

2) 8 Ancient cities in a 1000-block radius (Seed: -457009213479927390)


This Minecraft seed spawns the player on the summit of a snowy mountain and inside a grove biome. After taking in the beautiful and hilly view, players will be eager to head down into the cave systems of the overworld, as this seed contains a whopping 8 ancient city structures in a 1000 block radius around the spawn point.

Nearest ancient city: -307, 63, 210

1) Massive Deep Dark biome (Seed: 2795636475449950194)


This fascinating seed spawns the player near a number of snowy biomes. While the immediate spawn is inside a plains field, the entire northwestern area is filled with multiple variants of snowy terrain and biomes like snowy taiga, snowy slopes, and frozen peaks.


However, the best feature of this seed lies at coordinates -233, 86, 27. The coordinates lead to a large deep dark biome. The absence of an ancient city makes the biome extremely dark, and each step feels like a fall into an endless abyss. Players must remain vigilant in this biome, so as to not summon a warden.

Edited by Mayank Shete
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