How to grow mangrove trees in Minecraft The Wild Update

Mangrove trees (Image via Mojang)
Mangrove trees (Image via Mojang)
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The Wild Update is the next major update coming to Minecraft. After a satisfying two-part Caves & Cliffs update, Mojang is now planning to release another great update featuring more new biomes for the Overworld.

One of the main attractions of The Wild Update is the mangrove swamp. At Minecraft Live 2021, Mojang revealed mangrove swamps, a new variation of swamp biomes. Many players would agree that the old swamps looked dull and unpleasant.

The upcoming mangrove swamps will have new flora and fauna. Players will find tall and slightly submerged mangrove trees all over the mangrove swamps. Like other trees, players can also grow mangrove trees.

Mangrove trees in Minecraft 1.19 update

Propagules are needed for growing mangrove trees (Image via Mojang)
Propagules are needed for growing mangrove trees (Image via Mojang)

In Minecraft, all trees would grow only on land. However, the mangrove is the first tree that can also grow inside water. To grow mangrove trees, players will need to obtain mangrove propagules. These saplings can be found hanging under the leaves of mangrove trees.

To grow a mangrove tree, place a mangrove propagule on a grass or dirt block. It can be placed both on land and underwater. Like other saplings, players can either wait for the propagule to grow into a tree or use a bonemeal to hasten the process.

Mangrove trees have a pretty unique design compared to other trees. Since they are adapted to grow underwater, mangrove trees generate with tall mangrove roots that form small arches. Players can pass under these arches while exploring mangrove swamps with a boat.

How to get mangrove trees?


At the time of writing, mangrove trees have only been added to the recently released snapshot 22W14A. Players can find mangrove swamps and trees in snapshots for the time being.

Players interested in trying out the mangrove trees can download snapshot 22W14A to find and grow mangrove trees. Follow these steps to download snapshot 22W14A:

  1. Open Minecraft launcher. If not installed, players can get it from the official Minecraft site.
  2. Go to the Installations tab.
  3. Make sure the snapshot option is checked under versions.
  4. Create a new profile.
  5. Select snapshot 22W14A as the version. If more recent snapshots are available, players can go for the latest versions.
  6. Once the new profile is generated, go to the Play tab and select the new profile.
  7. Click on Play to make the launcher download the required files and start the game.

In the snapshot, players can locate mangrove swamps using the/locatebiome command to find naturally generated mangrove trees. Otherwise, the creative menu hosts all the new mangrove items, including mangrove propagules. Players can take propagules from the creative menu and grow them anywhere.

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