5 best Minecraft village seeds

Villages in Minecraft are filled with awesome resources that can be used by players (Image via Mojang))
Villages in Minecraft are filled with awesome resources that can be used by players (Image via Mojang))

Villages are one of the many naturally generating structures within Minecraft. These are valuable resources that should be taken advantage of.

Villages are filled with awesome resources that can be used in many ways. For instance, if the village has a blacksmith, there will be a chest in the blacksmith building that you can loot.

Most villages have beds, furnaces, crafting tables, and many other blocks that players can grab for themselves. They also have villagers, which offer a variety of valuable trades.

Villages offer many essential assets that players can use in their next Minecraft world. Here are five of the best village seeds to put to advantage.

Note: These seeds work only in version 1.16 and 1.17 of Minecraft.

5 best village seeds for Minecraft offering great loot and pleasing scenery

In Minecraft, the generation of a village is determined by a specific algorithm that takes into account various factors, one of which is the world seed. By default, the game uses a random seed to create worlds. However, players have the option to use specific seeds to create worlds. By using seeds found by other players, one can create a world with rare and valuable resources nearby. Players looking for village seeds can try these 5 great seeds:

5) -7939039674070683365

A large village (Image via Mojang)
A large village (Image via Mojang)

This seed not only has a large village but also many other wonderful details. First off, the scenery is amazing. Located in a mountain biome with a large mushroom biome not too far away, this picturesque background is sure to grab the attention of all players.

Digging below the village will also reveal an abandoned mineshaft, which has tons of great loot.

4) 79942115385233205

A desert temple (Image via Mojang)
A desert temple (Image via Mojang)

When first loading this seed, players will spawn right next to a taiga village. However, that is not the focus of this seed. When traveling to coordinates 1300, 550, a desert temple morphed into a village will be found.

The loot within the temple includes iron ingots, two enchanted books with Infinity and Looting III, emeralds, and golden horse armor. This is definitely a temple that is worth checking out.

3) 8081493198926661304

A visually appealing village (Image via Mojang)
A visually appealing village (Image via Mojang)

This is a very esthetically pleasing seed. Players will spawn in a large village that is generated in the middle of a flower forest biome, which adds a very colorful touch to the scenery.

Right next to this village, players will find yet another taiga village that has many rare buildings.

Traveling to coordinates -150, 1750 will reveal a desert village on the shore of a beach. In the ocean, players will find coral reefs.

2) 769638685703192159

An island village (Image via Mojang)
An island village (Image via Mojang)

This lonely village set on an island in the middle of the ocean resides at coordinates 1090, -220. While making the journey to this village, players may stumble across a shipwreck full of useful loot. Beautiful coral reefs can also be found in the surrounding ocean.

This is truly a wonderful seed.

1) -2616073310770286304

Numerous villages (Image via Mojang)
Numerous villages (Image via Mojang)

When spawning in this seed, players will immediately be placed in between a pillager outpost and a large village, both of which contain valuable loot.

However, that is not all. There are three different villages within this seed. The villages can be found at these coordinates:

  1. -150, 400
  2. 50, 850
  3. 600, 550

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