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5 best Minecraft addons for low-end PCs (2021)

Best Minecraft mods for low-end systems in 2021 (Image via AsianHalfSquat, YouTube)
Best Minecraft mods for low-end systems in 2021 (Image via AsianHalfSquat, YouTube)
Edward Hays
Modified 05 Apr 2021
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Minecraft mods and add-ons allow players to expand on the standard vanilla game while still enjoying its base mechanics.

Mods and add-ons for Minecraft come in myriad flavors and styles. Some of the most popular mods have even harbored tens of millions of unique downloads over their lifetime.

Unfortunately, not all Minecraft fans have the luxury of a powerful gaming PC at their disposal to run elaborate or powerfully optimized modpacks. However, this isn't a problem as there is still a massive variety of great mods that have minimal impact upon game performance.

This list highlights the best of such add-ons perfect for players with lower-end systems.

Note: This list is based solely on the writers' opinion. The views of others may differ substantially.

Top five Minecraft add-ons for low-end PCs

#5 - Questing Mayhem


The questing mayhem modpack brings a mind-blowing 1,400 quests into the vanilla game for players to complete. Also implemented with this add-on are many new crafting recipes, including brand new items for players to explore.

Interestingly enough, the author of this modpack states explicitly that it should take players several months at least to complete the wide variety of individual activities available fully.

Keen Minecrafters lacking in the hardware department can rest assured, knowing that this modpack was designed from the bottom up with low-end systems in mind, to take up as little extra resources as possible.

Download mod here

#4 - Slightly Vanilla

The Slightly Vanilla modpack prides itself on being one of the most challenging modpacks to be created for Minecraft, with a strong focus on quality over quantity.

As its title suggests, the Slightly Vanilla modpack implements several new gameplay add-ons to the game while still doing its best to keep the general spirit and gameplay style true to vanilla Minecraft.


Specifically, add-ons within this modpack include: new mobs, new textures, new crafting recipes, and new areas to explore. All of these have been documented to run great on lower-end hardware.

Download mod here

#3 - Doggy Talents

Doggy Talents is a hugely popular Minecraft mod with almost 10 million unique downloads over its four-year lifespan.

The mod allows players to train their tamed dog pets and offers a total of 19 unique talents that they can teach to dogs. Doggy Talents also implements an in-depth leveling system for dogs, bringing multiple areas of enhanced dog behavior thanks to upgrades made in the mobs AI.

Doggy Talents demands practically no additional resources in terms of performance, making it perfect for players with low-end systems.

Download mod


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#2 - Farming Valley


Minecrafters who are also fans of laid-back farming-type games such as Stardew Valley should give this farming-themed addon a try. They can also rest assured knowing that the code of this modpack is exceptionally lightweight and does not require hefty system resources to run.

Gameplay-wise, the Farming Valley Minecraft modpack allows players to build a town, maintain a large farm, sell crops, collect money, and progress through the farming season, all while purchasing upgrades along the way.

Download mod here

#1 - Volcano Block

Many Minecrafters will be familiar with Minecraft skyblock, which has consistently remained one of the most popular game modes created.

Volcano Block is essentially a regular Minecraft skyblock, but with a slight twist. Instead of spawning atop a small island of land floating in the sky, players generate on a small piece of land surrounded by acres of deadly lava.


This interesting Minecraft mod runs very well on low-end systems, even better than the vanilla game in some circumstances. It is primarily because the entire world is replaced by only one block, which is lava.

Download mod here

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Published 05 Apr 2021, 13:23 IST
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