5 best Minecraft datapacks by Vanilla Tweaks

Steve wearing an elder guardian's head (Image via Minecraft)
Steve wearing an elder guardian's head (Image via Minecraft)
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Minecraft is a beautiful sandbox game that has been around for more than ten years. Even though game mechanics are great, some players have gotten bored of how things work in Minecraft. They can use datapacks made by Vanilla Tweaks to bring changes that they desire.

The best part about Vanilla Tweaks is that it allows players to choose the features from a list and then download a single datapack with those features from their website.

Best Minecraft datapacks by Vanilla Tweaks


5) Custom villager shops


Using this datapack, players can set up custom trades that a villager will offer in Minecraft. To do this, they need to get a villager to stand on their chest. The first and second row of the chest represents the items that players will give to the villager, and the items in the last row are the things players will receive.

For example, to set up a trade offer where the player gives one emerald and one diamond in exchange for one ancient piece of debris, they need to place an emerald in the top row, a diamond below the emerald in the second row, and an ancient debris block below the diamond in the third row.

4) More mob heads

Steve wearing a parrot's head (Image via Minecraft)
Steve wearing a parrot's head (Image via Minecraft)

Some mobs in Minecraft will drop their heads when killed by a charged creeper explosion. Wither skeletons can also drop their heads when killed by the player. This datapack makes it so that many more mobs like cats and even parrots can drop their heads.

The drop rates are not the same for all mobs. It is higher for mobs that are harder to find, like parrots, and lower for those commonly seen.

3) Armored Elytra


Elytra is a rare item that players can use to glide. It can only be found in end ships of end cities. To use them, players must remove their chestplate and place the elytra in that slot. Because of this, players lose some of their armor points.

Using this Minecraft datapack, players can merge an elytra and a chestplate in an anvil. The merged item will retain the properties of both elytra and chestplate. They can also separate them using a grindstone.

2) Multiplayer Sleep


Nights are the scariest time in Minecraft, and sleeping helps the player skip through it. But on multiplayer servers, all players will have to sleep at the same time. The Multiplayer Sleep datapack changes the game so that only one player has to sleep for the night to be skipped.

1) Dragon Drops

The Ender Dragon in the game (Image via Minecraft/pulseheadlines)
The Ender Dragon in the game (Image via Minecraft/pulseheadlines)

Killing the Ender Dragon is not an easy task, and as it does not drop items upon death. This datapack makes killing the Ender Dragon more satisfying by adding an elytra as its drop item.

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