5 best Minecraft farms for 1.18.1 version

Minecraft farms (Image via u/NicolasGE on Reddit)
Minecraft farms (Image via u/NicolasGE on Reddit)

Minecraft has a plethora of unique resources, and almost every one of them can be farmed. While items and blocks can be obtained manually, automating makes everything less tiring and more efficient.

Using redstone and applying game mechanics, players can create farms to gather tons of resources easily. Farms can be categorized into automatic, semi-automatic, and manual types.

Manual farms are simple farms where everything needs to be done using hands. Players can use an auto clicker in semi-automatic farms to make the work less tedious. Automatic farms are the best as Minecrafters can perform other tasks while the farm runs in the background.

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Best farms to build in Minecraft

5) Dripstone farm


Dripstone is one of the newly added blocks. With the addition of dripstone caves, these blocks have become more common in Caves & Cliffs Part II. Dripstone and pointed dripstones have unique textures, making them suitable for builds.

Players can automatically build a pointed dripstone farm to farm these dangerous blocks. With four-pointed dripstones, players can craft a dripstone block.

4) Moss farm


Moss is another new block found in abundance in the latest versions of Minecraft. Players can discover moss blocks in lush caves and supply chests found in shipwrecks.

Moss block has an exciting feature to turn nearby stone-type blocks into moss. Using bonemeal on moss causes it to spread onto other blocks.

3) Copper farm


After a long time, the Overworld received a new ore called copper. Luckily, it can also be farmed automatically. Drowned have an 11% chance to drop copper ingots when killed by a player.

The drop rate increases to 17% if the player uses a Looting III weapon. Players can use a zombie spawner to make drowned and then kill them to get copper ingots.

2) Iron farm


Iron farms are excellent no matter what the game version. These farms provide an infinite supply of iron ingots. All types of players have some use for iron. It can be used to craft various items and can be traded for emeralds.

1) Food farm


In the early days, players may often experience a food shortage. To avoid this, building an automatic food farm is highly recommended. All kinds of food farms are possible in Minecraft.

Villager-based food farms are usually the go-to choice as they produce crops. These crops can be turned into food, used for trading, or breeding animals.

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