5 best Minecraft Java Edition automatic farms

Image via Rays Works
Image via Rays Works

In Minecraft, players will come across various types of blocks and items. These items are divided into four categories: Common, Uncommon, Rare, and Epic. Depending on their source and rarity, manually farming them can be difficult.

Players must be smart and build an automatic farm. Players can build automatic farms for almost all types of resources in Minecraft. These farms are efficient and highly productive.

This article showcases some of the best Minecraft automatic farms for Java Edition. Players shouldn't attempt to build these in Bedrock Edition as they have different mechanisms.

Five best Minecraft Java Edition automatic farms

#5 - Iron Farm


Iron is one of the most versatile resources in Minecraft. It is easy to find and has many beneficial uses. Players need an iron or higher-level pickaxe to mine diamond ores. Mining iron ores can feel dull and boring at times.

Players can make an efficient iron farm using some villagers and a zombie. When a group of villagers feel scared, they will spawn an iron golem for defence. This mechanism is exploited to build iron farms in Minecraft.

#4 - Gold XP Farm


A zombie piglin-based gold farm produces tons of XP as well as gold ingots and nuggets. It is one of the fastest XP farms in Minecraft. When a player hits a zombie piglin, all the nearby zombie piglins start attacking that player. Players can use their behavior for farming drops and XP.

#3 - Raid Farm


Most players fail to protect their precious villages from terrifying raiders. A raiding party contains pillagers, villagers, vindicators, evokers, ravagers, and more. It would be foolish to fight them on the ground. Players can build a raid farm to get their valuable drops automatically.

This raid farm by Rays Works produces over 3,500 emeralds every hour. Along with emeralds, players also get totems of undying, crossbows, arrows, and more.

#2 - Enderman XP Farm


An Enderman XP farm is a must-have for every Minecraft World. As endermen are the only mob that spawn naturally in the end realm, players can easily farm them. Players can reach 0-30 Experience levels in a few minutes.

#1 - Guardian Farm


Thanks to their long-range attacks and thorns ability, guardians are one of the strongest mobs to kill. There is no way to obtain prismarine shards and crystals other than by killing guardians.

Players can build a guardian farm without draining the ocean monument. The farm, designed by Cortezerino, can produce more than 30,000 items per hour.

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