5 best Minecraft Java seeds for Advancements

Image via u/Groggle07
Image via u/Groggle07
Modified 02 May 2021
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In Minecraft, seeds are a unique code compromising letters or digits. Terrain formation and structure generation depend on this code. Players can enter a specific seed while creating a new world to get desired resources and structures right next to the spawn point.

Many players face a hard time completing the achievements and advancements in Minecraft. While most of them are easy to do, some can be extremely difficult and time-consuming.

This article features some of the best Minecraft java seeds for Advancements.

5 best Minecraft Java seeds for Advancements

#5 - 17 Diamond Ores

Image via u/Joyntie
Image via u/Joyntie
  • Seed: 3113466
  • Coordinate: 266/13/-266

Diamonds are necessary for many advancements, such as Diamonds! and Cover Me With Diamonds. This seed features a whooping 17 diamond ore veins at the coordinates mentioned above.

Players can quickly get access to lots of iron, coal, and diamonds. In less than an hour, players can also complete most overworld advancements.

#4 - Fortress surrounded by all nether biomes

  • Seed: 3066018222476018072
  • Coordinates: -200/79/200

Players can complete many Minecraft advancements in the nether realm. This seed features unique world generation, where all five nether biomes have been generated around a fortress. Players can use this seed to speed run all nether achievements, including A Terrible Fortress and Subspace Bubble.

#3 - Igloo near a ruined portal

Image via u/llama_boi_4
Image via u/llama_boi_4
  • Seed: 551972429372002909
  • Coordinates: 0/75/0

An igloo is the best place to achieve Zombie Doctor advancement. In this seed, players can find an igloo fused with a ruined portal at the spawn point. In the basement of the igloo, there's a zombie villager ready for cure.

Players can also find an enchanted golden apple in the ruined portal chest, one of the rarest items in Minecraft.

#2 - Pillager Outpost and Village

Image via u/Coycokko
Image via u/Coycokko
  • Seed: 984723534987829303
  • Coordinates: Spawnpoint

Some achievements require players to face villagers, such as Voluntary Exile and Hero of the Village. In this seed, players can find a pillager outpost and a village right at the spawn point.

Players can quickly complete all pillager and villager-related advancements in one place. On top of these, there is also a desert pyramid and lava pool near the spawn. Players can use the lava pool to build a nether portal without a diamond pickaxe.

#1 - Completed end portal

Image via u/MrBending
Image via u/MrBending
  • Seed: 154840049486770795
  • Coordinates: 738/50/1148

In rare cases, end portals can be generated with 12 eyes of ender already placed. This seed features a complete end portal around a thousand blocks away from spawn. Players can go directly to the end realm and try to complete all the end advancements in Minecraft.

Published 02 May 2021
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