5 best Minecraft seeds for raids 

Pillager raid in action (Image via Minecraft.gamepedia)
Pillager raid in action (Image via Minecraft.gamepedia)
Holly Ellison

Raids are an excellent way for Minecraft players to gain XP, protect their villages, and have some fun. Raids happen when a village and a pillager outpost go to war. Players can also start raids manually on Minecraft.

There are a few different pillager variations that spawn during raids, including pillagers, indicators, ravagers, and witches. Raids comprise seven different waves, and during each wave, players must fight and kill all the mobs present to win.

For many Minecraft players, this sounds like a lot of fun. But raids aren't common in every Minecraft world. Players often need certain seeds to start raids, which is what this article discusses.

Top five Minecraft seeds for raids

#1 - 816099129

Pillager tower inside of village (Image via Minecraft-seed)
Pillager tower inside of village (Image via Minecraft-seed)

This seed is perfect for a classic Minecraft raid battle. Players spawn near a witch hut and don't have to travel too far away to find a pillager outpost right next to a village.

They only have to travel a little bit to the northwest from their spawn location to find this jackpot. Players could spend some time fixing and building up the village to prepare for the raid, and then an all-out battle will occur.

The craziest thing about this seed is that the pillager tower is directly inside of the village. This seed works for Minecraft Pocket Edition, so any mobile players out there should test out this killer seed!

#2 - 2700163110

Ravine, stronghold, and pillager tower (Image via digitaltrends)
Ravine, stronghold, and pillager tower (Image via digitaltrends)

Minecraft players will not want to miss out on this masterpiece of a seed. Not only does it contain a pillager tower inside a village, but there's a stronghold near the settlement as well.

Players can easily start a raid battle and travel to the end dimension a few Minecraft days later. This seed has all the resources they need to be successful and battle their hearts out.

There's also a ravine in the village center, meaning players can access all the ores and cobblestone they could ever want. They can also use these resources to trade with villagers.

#3 - 1116213040


This seed spawns players next to a desert temple and desert village. Right across from the latter is a pillager outpost, giving players the perfect combination of adventure and resources to succeed.

They not only get to trade and interact with their village but also discover hidden loot within the desert temple. As if that wasn't great enough, players will also receive lots of XP and loot from the raid. It should be relatively easy to start a raid on this seed.

Players should check out this seed on Minecraft Bedrock Edition.

#4 -1716208639735502384

Pillager outpost (Image via minecraftseedhq)
Pillager outpost (Image via minecraftseedhq)

This seed is great for all sorts of generated structures. Not only does it include two villages, but it also has a pillager outpost, a shipwreck, five dungeons, and two mineshafts.

Minecraft players will seriously have a blast adventuring with this seed. They can start raids, explore the dungeons and mineshafts, and trade with all sorts of villagers. One of the villages in this Minecraft world is large, which is excellent for players since it gives them the freedom to customize the villager's professions.

This seed can be played on Minecraft Java Edition.

#5 - 2108294695


This seed spawns players near a desert temple and desert village. Just over a small desert hill is a pillager outpost. This slight separation is key to preparing for a good raid. It gives players time to prepare their village and build iron golems to help fight in the raid.

Also, they have a chance to explore a desert temple and trade with villagers in the village. This seed works on the 1.11 Minecraft Bedrock Edition.

Note: This article reflects the author's views.

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