5 Best Minecraft Java Seeds for Blacksmiths

Blacksmith in Minecraft (Image via Peachester on YouTube)
Blacksmith in Minecraft (Image via Peachester on YouTube)
Heather Bair

Those who know their Minecraft lore are aware that some of the best villages to be near contain a blacksmith. The blacksmith’s chests always contain items and food that can further a player along in their journey.

Finding a village in Minecraft that contains a blacksmith, however, can prove to be difficult. Below are five seeds that are known to have blacksmiths, as well as their chests and smithing tables. While you can make your own smithing table from two iron ingots and any four wooden planks, it is easier to steal one when you are first starting out.

5 best Minecraft Java Seeds that have Villages with a Blacksmith


1. 960570313

This location spawns you near a woodland mansion and a blacksmith village. In the chest, Minecraft players can find an iron sword, iron chest plate and iron leggings, as well as two gold ingots, a saddle, bread and five obsidian blocks which can help aid later on when building a nether portal.

A few blocks away is a rare woodland mansion on a roofed forest peninsula. While the contents of the chests vary, they occasionally have more valuable items, including diamonds and gold, as well as weapons, food, items for building and more.

2. 1835071273

This spawn is very popular among Minecraft players looking for blacksmiths. The location will spawn players near a village that claims to be home to 10 blacksmiths. The village itself is located at 1110 90 100. The players will have many chests to look through with plenty of goodies that will aid them on their journey through the world.

3. -1078576512

The village on this seed has a blacksmith who has seven iron ingots, four gold ingots, an iron helmet, iron leggings and two loaves of bread. The village is also surrounded by savannas, deserts and plain biomes, along with a river and lava pond. The lava can help make obsidian when combined with water. The spawn is abundant with a variety of things to do, make and find.

4. -1741643936

After typing in this seed , the player will spwan right beside a blacksmith village in Minecraft. This blacksmith has only iron and food available for the taking, however there is iron ore found at the far end of the village, which, after enough is mined, can create a full set of iron armor to be used as protection against mobs and damage.

5. 1001

While this is a short location, it spawns a player at the edge of the plains biome and a few 100 blocks from the village. Upon going through the village, the player will stumble upon another village in which the blacksmith resides. The bounty available in his chest varies, however there is iron, gold and food available for the taking.

So fill your inventory and saddle up your horse to check out these blacksmith biomes to find your favorite.

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