5 best Minecraft let's play series

Minecraft let's play series (Image via Pixlriffs, EthosLan, & PewDiePie)
Minecraft let's play series (Image via Pixlriffs, EthosLan, & PewDiePie)
Manish Kumar Choudhary

In Minecraft's long history, many content creators uploaded their gameplay to YouTube and created a let's play series. Like many other games, Minecraft also has hundreds of YouTubers creating lets play series.

Let's play series are among the most popular Minecraft content on YouTube. It is one of the best ways for beginners to learn about Minecraft. But they may get confused over which series to watch as there are so many. This article lists five of the best let's play series.

Best Minecraft let's play series to watch online

5) Wattles

Wattles' Minecraft guide (Image via YouTube/wattles)
Wattles' Minecraft guide (Image via YouTube/wattles)

Wattles is among the most family-friendly Minecraft YouTubers. On his channel, viewers can watch him uploading a wide variety of content. Wattles creates videos on farm tutorials, informative topics, game update news, and more. Along with all that, Wattles always has an ongoing let's play series.

Wattles creates a new let's play series when a Minecraft update comes out. Players who are starting can watch Wattles' The Minecraft Guide series to learn about the basics.

4) Philza

Philza (Image via Twitch/Philza)
Philza (Image via Twitch/Philza)

Philza is known for lasting five years in a Minecraft hardcore world and then dying to a baby zombie. Anyways, surviving such a long time would not be possible without skills and knowledge.

Players interested in playing Minecraft hardcore will learn a lot by watching Philza's hardcore videos. Philza uploads compilations of his Twitch streams on his YouTube channel.

3) PewDiePie


PewDiePie isn't a dedicated Minecraft Youtuber, but his Minecraft let's play series is the main reason why the game blew up in recent years. While he has stopped playing Minecraft, players can still watch his Minecraft videos.

PewDiePie's first Minecraft series is arguably the funniest MC let's play series as he knew almost nothing about the game. However, in his hardcore series, PewDiePie went into full "big-brain" mode and never died once.

2) Pixlriffs

The Survival Guide (Image via YouTube/Pixlriffs)
The Survival Guide (Image via YouTube/Pixlriffs)

Pixlriffs' has many different let's play series on his YouTube channel. His main let's play series has over 300 episodes. Currently, Pixlriffs focuses on content related to Empire SMP. However, his let's play series is filled with information players would love to hear.

1) EthosLab

Etho Plays Minecraft (Image via YouTube/Ethoslab)
Etho Plays Minecraft (Image via YouTube/Ethoslab)

EthosLab is among the oldest Minecraft YouTubers who are making videos before the game's official channel. Etho has motivated many players to start their own YouTube channels, like Xisumavoid and iJevin, and influenced MrBeast, MumboJumbo, and many more creators.

His series, Etho Plays Minecraft, has over 500 episodes and started way back over in 2010. A decade later, this let's play series is still going on and on.

Minecraft can be pretty confusing for players who have started. Watching a let's play series is a great way to start the survival journey. Even experienced Minecrafters love to watch let's play series for entertainment and more information.

Disclaimer: This list is subjective and solely reflects the opinions of the writer.

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