5 best Minecraft seeds for nether fortress

Nether fortresses (Image via Minecraft)
Nether fortresses (Image via Minecraft)

Nether fortresses are one of the most valuable structures in Minecraft. Almost every player aiming to complete the game will have to visit the fortress.

In nether fortresses, they can find blazes and kill them to get blaze rods necessary to craft eyes of ender, in turn, needed for activating the end portal.

Using pre-found seeds, users can easily find any structure in Minecraft, including nether fortresses. Before creating a new world, they must enter a seed to generate a world specific to that seed.

This article lists down some beneficial Minecraft seeds with a nether fortress at spawn. Other than blazes, they can also get valuable loot like diamonds or build wither skeleton farms.

Minecraft seeds for nether fortresses

1) Double overlapping fortresses

Seed: -5546658687350627611

Overlapping fortress (Image via Minecraft)
Overlapping fortress (Image via Minecraft)

In this Java Edition seed, gamers can find two fortresses overlapping each other at the Nether spawn. Overlapping fortresses or bastions rarely generate since they usually do so far from one another.

In this case, two fortresses overlapped as they generated at the Nether realm's center and in two different quadrants.

4) Three fortresses and two bastions

Seed: 3234116715393220833


In this Java seed, players can discover three fortresses and two bastions in a 100-block radius from the Nether center. Along with these valuable structures, they can also find all Nether biomes in a 100-block radius.

This seed is also pretty good for speedrunning. Users can get blaze rods from the fortress and then go to bastions to barter with piglins.

3) Nether fortress for wither skeleton

Seed: 4393682271258061163

Perfect for a wither skeleton farm (Image via Minecraft)
Perfect for a wither skeleton farm (Image via Minecraft)

One main reason for going to a nether fortress is wither skeletons. These mobs have a low chance of dropping their heads, required for summoning the Wither boss.

Due to their low drop rate, gamers prefer to build wither skeleton farms to get loads of wither skulls. However, this requires lots of spawnproofing if the fortress is covered with land. They can use the mentioned java seed to get a fortress surrounded by lava, perfect for making a wither skeleton farm.

2) Spawn in village and fortress

Seed: -9212611331103927513

Double fortress (Image via Seedmap)
Double fortress (Image via Seedmap)

This Java seed can be used for speedrunning as the overworld spawn point is close to a village.

A nether portal activated in the village will spawn users on a nether fortress. After looting the fortress, they can head towards the north to stumble upon a bastion remnant.

1) Village and fortress at spawn

Seed: 12345678109

Triple blacksmith (Image via Minecraft)
Triple blacksmith (Image via Minecraft)

This seed is similar to the last seed, but for Bedrock Edition. Gamers will spawn in a plain village with three blacksmiths. Hopefully, they can get enough obsidian or diamonds for a pickaxe from blacksmith houses.

A portal built in this village will spawn players close to a nether fortress.

Note: This list is subjective and solely reflects the opinion of the article's writer.

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