5 best Minecraft servers for beginners in May 2021

Great Minecraft servers (Image via pcgamesn)
Great Minecraft servers (Image via pcgamesn)
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Modified 04 May 2021
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Many new Minecraft players are interested in playing on public servers. These servers can provide players a place to meet others and sharpen their skills.

There are hundreds, possibly even thousands, of Minecraft servers available for players to use. These servers include mini-games, PvP, anarchy, challenges, and many more. Some servers cater to beginner players. These servers will often offer help and support to newer players, such as supplying them with materials or instructions.

Many players may be wondering, what is the best server to play on? Here are five servers that will be great for new players in May 2021.

Top 5 Minecraft servers for beginners in May 2021


This server is fantastic for beginner Minecraft players. At Creative Fun, each player gets a chunk of land to build on. The players are allowed to build whatever they please on this chunk of land and are also free to look at other builds around them on the server.

This server is fun and non-competitive. Players have the entire creative inventory at their disposal, and they also have all the surrounding builds to take inspiration from.

This server not only teaches new players a lot about building in Minecraft but also allows them to see other more experienced player's builds completely for free.

#2 - Cubeville IP:

Cubeville Minecraft server (Image via stlmotherhood)
Cubeville Minecraft server (Image via stlmotherhood)

Cubeville is a family-friendly and beginner-oriented Minecraft server. This server includes a city, a few villages, a money system, a transport system, and quests. This server is like a miniature version of real-life with certain rules to follow and established public service systems like transport.

What makes this server so much fun for new players is how popular it is. There are tons of other Minecraft players to meet on this server. There are also a lot of quests players can go on to get rewards, which makes it all that much more fun to play.

#3 - Minecraft Central IP:

Minecraft central server (Image via planetminecraft)
Minecraft central server (Image via planetminecraft)

Minecraft central is one of the most popular and largest servers in Minecraft. This server has a surplus of players with almost 3 million and can hold 6000 players at a time.

Minecraft Central is a classic Minecraft server with lots of different mini-games for players to choose from such as Capture the flag, skywars, prison, and other survival games.

Minecraft central is a lot of fun to play on since it offers so many mini-games and has such a large player base. It's a great server for new players to meet friends on.

#4 - Medieval Lords IP:

Castle on medieval lords (Image via planetminecraft)
Castle on medieval lords (Image via planetminecraft)

Medieval Lords is one of Minecraft's oldest and most popular survival servers. It's great for Minecraft players who have a background in other video games involving classes.

When the player joins this server they have the choice to choose a class between swordsman, mage, and archer. From there the player must fight enemies and complete quests to progress on the server. There are tons of extra recipes that the server added to the game as well.

This server can act as a great gateway for players who come from different gaming backgrounds.

#5 - The Seed IP:

Minecraft seed (Image via pcgames)
Minecraft seed (Image via pcgames)

This Minecraft server is shop-based. This means players can have their own economy, start their own shop or go to other player's shops. It's server-driven, off of player interactions, meaning new players will be able to make friends and learn about Minecraft very easily.

Players are allowed to do many things on this server. All it takes is a bit of work. Players can play on the nomad mode or even tame pets. This server has a learning curve. But once players get the hang of it, they should have lots of fun.

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Published 04 May 2021
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