5 best Minecraft streamers Dream has played with on YouTube

Dream's skin (Image via YouTube)
Dream's skin (Image via YouTube)
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After losing a lot of its heat, Minecraft once again became popular among streamers and content creators on YouTube and Twitch in 2019. American content creator Dream became popular in late 2019/early 2020 for his Minecraft videos.

As of 20th August, Dream has 25.5 million subscribers on YouTube and 5.3 million followers on Twitch. Manhunt is one of the most famous Minecraft series by Dream, where his friends try to stop him from completing the game while he speedruns. He collaborates a lot with other streamers as well.

Minecraft streamers that Dream has played with

5) Wilbur Soot


Will Gold, popularly known as Wilbur Soot, is a Twitch streamer, singer-songwriter, and YouTube content creator with over five million subs. Gold was an editor for the YouTube group channel SootHouse, because of which he became quite famous even before he had a YouTube channel.

4) TommyInnit


Minecraft gamer Thomas Simons, also known as TommyInnit, has created many videos with Dream on his YouTube channel. One of his most famous videos with Dream is "I Spoke To Dream's Mom," which has more than 14 million views. He plays and creates videos on Dream SMP with many other streamers, including Dream himself.

3) Captainsparklez


Better known online as CaptainSparklez, Jordan Maron is an American YouTuber and streamer primarily known for Minecraft music videos. His most famous video on YouTube is a music video, a parody song called "Revenge."

2) Sapnap


Nicholas "Sapnap" Nick is very well known for his collaborations with Dream in his manhunt videos. Sapnap does not have many videos on YouTube, but all of them have well over a million views.

In his most popular video, Sapnap and Dream played a modified version of Minecraft that makes the game look like how a colorblind person sees the game. They did this to experience how their friend George perceives the game through his colorblindness.

1) GeorgeNotFound


George Davidson, better known by his online alias GeorgeNotFound, is an English Youtuber. In one of his streams, George revealed that Dream came up with the "GeorgeNotFound" username. One of the most famous videos of George is the ones in which Dream played as mobs like horses and axolotl.

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