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5 best Minecraft tricks that players should know about

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Modified 13 Feb 2021
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There are several different tricks that players can use in Minecraft in order to potentially save their life or complete certain tasks much faster than usual.

When it comes to life and gaming, it is always important to be a lifelong learner. Even people who have been playing Minecraft for years may not know that there are certain tricks that can help complete tasks quickly and more efficiently.

Rather than building a Nether Portal or killing the Ender Dragon the old fashioned way, the tricks that speedrunners utilize could be done instead.

When players need to make a quick escape or are falling from a substantial height, they could prevent death by using a water bucket.

This article showcases five Minecraft tricks that players will likely find incredibly useful and increase their quality of life in terms of gameplay.

Disclaimer: This list is subjective and reflects only the opinion of the article's writer

Top 5 Minecraft tricks that players should know about

#5 - One Cycle the Ender Dragon with Beds


At some point in their Minecraft career, most players are going to eventually want to defeat the Ender Dragon and beat the game.

With a normal method, players will likely need to destroy the end crystals first in order to prevent the dragon from healing. Then, they will need to slowly chip away at the dragon's health until they are victorious.

Instead of doing all that, Minecraft players can defeat the Ender Dragon in seconds by using the explosion created by Beds.

This tactic is a way faster form of combat and is a technique that essentially all speedrunners use in order to beat Minecraft quickly.

#4 - Strip Mining properly

Mining is one of the core aspects of Minecraft gameplay. This makes sense as "mine" is right in the game's title.

However, many players may not be mining in the most efficient way possible to maximize the number of resources they can obtain.


To get more precious diamonds, players can use the mining technique showcased in the video above. This will help players not only save time mining but should result in more gained resources overtime.

#3 - Reroll available enchantments

There may come a time when Minecraft players would like to enchant an item with a very specific enchantment. Unfortunately, when they check their enchanting table, that specific enchantment may not be available.

In order to get around this, Minecraft players can reroll the available enchantments at an enchanting table by enchanting a different piece of gear.

Players can enchant a book or any junk item that they do not really need. This creates a whole new set of enchants for players to then choose from.

That extra piece of gear or book can also be disenchanted in order to return some of the experience that was expended to enchant it.

#2 - Quick Nether Portal


Building a Nether Portal can be a time-consuming process as players need to gather a minimum of 10 blocks of obsidian.

Those blocks then need to be placed in a certain arrangement, which can take time as obsidian takes a while to break even with a diamond pickaxe.

Instead of doing all that, Minecraft players can manipulate lava and water to almost create a Nether Portal for them. The video above details how players can pull off this rather neat speedrunning trick.

#1 - MLG Water Bucket

The MLG Water Bucket trick has the potential to both save a player's life and substantially increase their travel time.

When a player is falling, they can use a water bucket to place down some water right before they are going to hit the ground. After they safely land, they can then rescoop up the water into the bucket for later use.

This trick can be difficult to learn and get the timing right, so Minecraft players should be sure to practice this one a bunch. However, once players are comfortable with this trick, they will be able to pull off some crazy feats in-game.

Minecraft players who are fans of Dream have likely seen him pull off this trick numerous times. It does look cool, but it's also just really effective.

Published 13 Feb 2021, 10:43 IST
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