5 best Minecraft videos by GeminiTay

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Image via YouTube

Taylor "Tay," better known as GeminiTay, is a Canadian Minecraft YuTuber who is known for her Minecraft Let's Builds, build tutorials and suvival lets plays. On September 3, 2020, she became a member of the Minecraft X Life SMP, though she left on March 2, 2021. As of now, she is a part of Hermitcraft Season 8, which started this past June 19th.

She has been making content since October 2011, but made them private until early 2015. Most of the videos from 2015 to 2020 were about building in Minecraft, until she began playing survival and Minecraft X Lifes SMP. As of now, she has 1 million subscribers on YouTube.

GeminiTay Minecraft Videos

5) I Spent 100 Days in Minecraft Skyblock...


In this video, GeminiTay decides to try and survive 100 days in Minecraft Skyblock. Each day she goes on a new adventure, whether it be expanding her base, traveling to neighboring islands, or just farming materials. What will her skyblock base look like at the end of the 100 days? And more importantly, will she be able to beat Minecraft?

This video has 53k likes and 2.4 million views.

4) Defending my Desert Oasis Castle from a Pillager Raid | Minecraft Build Timelapse | Ft. Solidarity


This video is an amazing and beautiful timelapse done by GeminiTay and her friend Solidarity, built with the purpose of defeating a pillager raid. Meaning, the build has tons of places for her to shoot bows from arrows, as well as tons of defense. She even builds a moat around the castle for added protection! Will the castle prove to be enough to defeat a pillager raid?

This video has 27k likes and 2.5 million views!

3) I attempt Minecraft Skyblock, but it's One Block


In this video, GeminiTay takes on the challenge of Minecraft Skyblock, but she begins with just a singular block. The block that she is on is forever generating, meaning that she is able to break it over and over until more materials appear and she can begin expanding her base. How far will GeminiTay be able to get in Skyblock after beginning with just one block?

This video has 53k likes and 2.6 million views!

2) Hardcore Minecraft Let's Play | A Perfect Start! Episode 1


In this video, GeminiTay begins a hardcore world, due to her luck of hardly ever dying in Minecraft. She believes that she is a pretty safe Minecraft player, and about halfway through the episode decides to make her base in a village that she comes across that has plenty of resources readily available. This is a nice, relaxing video that can also be informative to people watching.

This video has 86k likes and 2.7 million views!

1) An Epic New Minecraft Adventure - 1.16 Survival Let's Play | Episode 1


In this video, GeminiTay begins a new survival world in Minecraft 1.16. She wanders around for lots of the video, encountering plenty of mobs, which are both friendly and aggressive. Early on in the video, she runs across a forest temple and gathers the majority of the supplies before disaster strikes. How far along will she make it before she ultimately meets her demise?

This video has 106k likes and 2.8 million views!

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