5 best Minecraft videos by Mumbo Jumbo

Image via Reddit
Image via Reddit
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Oliver "Oli" Brotherhood, who is better known online as Mumbo Jumbo, is an English Minecraft YouTuber who is very well known for showcasing his amazing redstone builds. He also does videos on testing out new features that are being added to Minecraft.

He is currently a member of the Hermitcraft SMP, having joined at the start of Season 2.

Mumbo created the "ThatMumboJumbo" YouTube channel on March 30, 2012, and uploaded his first video shortly after. Ever since his start in 2012, he has been in a few Survival Multiplayer Communities since.

A few short months after he began, on May 25, he had approximately 100 subscribers. Now, as of 2021, he has 7.5 million subscribers!

Listed below are the top 5 videos done by Mumbo.

Minecraft videos by Mumbo Jumbo

5) 50 things players YOU Make in Minecraft

In the video, Mumbo takes viewers through a variety of different builds for players who might be unsure of what to build after either joining Minecraft for the first time, or if they are returning to Minecraft after a bit of time away.

Mumbo mentions that each of the 50 builds he showcases in the video should only take about 5-10 minutes to build, meaning they are quite simple and easy to make. Some of the builds include things such as fireplaces, a diving board into lava, secret storage areas, and much much more.

This video has 14.8 million views and 403k likes, making it the fifth most popular Minecraft video on his channel!


In this video, Mumbo and his friend Grian take part in a competition where they take a category, make builds and redstone contraptions centered around the category. From there, they compare their builds to see what the other came up with.

Some of the categories in this video include builds and contraptions such as traps, a category focused on entrances in Minecraft (as entrances are often people's first impressions of a build), and a couple of more categories.

The video is ideal for those interested in physical builds vs redstone builds.

This video has 16.8 million views and 298k likes, making it the fourth most popular Minecraft video on his channel!

3) I Made a Safe House in Minecraft

In this video, Mumbo decides that he wants to make a safe house in order to keep everyone away.

He starts with a small, somewhat petite home, and then begins building all around the premises in order to block it off from the outside world.

An important thing to note here is that Mumbo uses tons of sticky pistons on the wall of this build, as well as tons of other materials such as wood and stone. Meaning, players might be better off creating a build like this in creative mode. Along the walls on the outside, he attempts to make traps with blazes, where he spawns dozens of blazes in order to attack anyone who approaches.

He does tons more to make his house safe, so the Minecraft faithful will certainly love it.

This video has 17.7 million views and 404k likes, making it the third most popular Minecraft video on his channel.

2) Minecraft: 20 Doors in 100 Seconds

In this video where Mumbo does not speak, he takes viewers through 20 different doors in Minecraft. The video is short, being only 100 seconds (which equates to about one minute and forty five seconds), although it is packed to the brim with content.

Within the video, Mumbo takes viewers through tons of different doors, of which all seem to be redstone and/or pressure plate oriented. They start off rather simple, but the further Mumbo walks on, the more intense and complex the door builds become.

The video appears oddly satisfying, but at the end there's a little surprise, so give it a watch.

This video has 20.6 million views and 279k likes, making it the second most popular Minecraft video on his channel.

1) Minecraft: 20 More Doors in 100 Seconds

This video is a sequel to the video above. Once again, Mumbo does not speak in this video, and instead leads viewers through more cleverly created doors. Like the previous one, this one is also 100 seconds long, making it a nice, quick watch.

Like its prequel, most of the doorwary is redstone and/or pressure plate oriented. However, there seem to be some slight differences, as there are plenty of times where Mumbo seems to just teleport through the doors themselves, or teleports to a completely random place in his Minecraft world (although it seems planned).

This video has 83.1 million views and 462k likes, making it the most popular Minecraft video on his channel.

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