Minecraft influencers share their thoughts on Caves and Cliffs update

GeorgeNotFound's funny impression after discovering a waterlogged cave
GeorgeNotFound's funny impression after discovering a waterlogged cave

The Caves and Cliffs update has turned out to be the biggest update Minecraft has ever received. For a long time, fans have been requesting a cave or mountain update. Mojang finally listened to the players and is ready with another fantastic update.

At Minecon 2020, Mojang showcased the features coming to Minecraft in the Caves and Cliffs. Many fans, along with game influencers, were left stunned after watching the live stream. Ever since the event, players have been awaiting the release of Caves and Cliffs Update.

Many Minecraft influencers have shared their opinions on the Caves and Cliffs update.

Check out what popular streamers and creators think about the upcoming Minecraft update.

Minecraft influencers share their thoughts about the new update

Mumbo Jumbo's thoughts on the new update

Many Redstone engineers are excited about building "wireless" contraptions using new sculk sensors. Mumbo Jumbo, known for his beautiful Redstone magic, was obviously fascinated after seeing the sculk sensors. He didn't expect himself ever to be saying the "wireless" term in Minecraft.

Mumbo Jumbo spoke about deep dark caves and had this to say:

It's so dark that things don't see; instead, they hear, and that introduces a new redstone component, which is the skulk sensor. Now, this thing is going to detect sounds, so when you place down a block, that's a sound this thing is going to detect it.

GeorgeNotFound is amazed after experiencing new caves

Minecraft star GeorgeNotFound also played a Minecraft snapshot on his live stream. Being a PvP player, it was only natural for him to care about the usability of new blocks and items. However, the huge list of new content and changes surprised everyone, including him.

After experiencing the new deep cave generation, GeorgeNotFound only found praise for the update:

oh my goodness! I mean this is just breathtaking like this looks like someone actually came in and built the world and this is somehow generated randomly. Can you just think...appreciate that for a second, this is random generation. I mean that is incredible work look at that.

Ph1LzA couldn't hold his excitement

While playing a Caves and Cliffs snapshot, Ph1LzA realized that diamond ores could generate deep into the caves. It means there are going to be more diamonds.

He was also interested in how Mojang will update the older worlds to the newer version since the world height level has changed.

We just gonna have like an entrance into the void like think of it this way, right normal world goes down to like zero you've got bedrock of like two layers then the new world starts which go down to minus 60.
Are we just going to have like an entrance that we can break away like regular stone that we can just break away, or are they going to block it off with bedrock? Are we gonna have like walls of bedrock or is it gonna give us are we gonna have like an entrance to the void without breaking bedrock very interesting to see how they deal with that

Xisumavoid looks forward to having fun with the warden

Xisumavoid shared his opinion and thoughts on the 1.17 update in a 17-minute- long video. In his video, instead of being terrified, xisuma talks about having fun with warden and said how it will be an amazing addition to Tango's Decked out game on the Hermitcraft server.

uh yeah the warden could feature in in decked out that'd be such an amazing mob but it's absolutely brutal if we skip ahead here this thing does so much damage it also looks amazing.
I think they've done a really good job with this the body animation is quite fluid uh definitely something a little a little more smooth than other things we've seen in Minecraft but hey uh it's it's awesome look at that thing oh it's gonna be so much fun

Minecraft Caves and Cliffs update is turning out to be one of the most-loved updates. Even the fans are pretty satisfied and aren't asking for anything more.

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