5 best public Minecraft Java Edition servers to play

Minecraft public servers allow anyone with a copy of Minecraft to join (Image via YouTube, MrBeastGaming)
Minecraft public servers allow anyone with a copy of Minecraft to join (Image via YouTube, MrBeastGaming)

Minecraft servers are the most popular way in which players can enjoy Minecraft multiplayer. In order to join a Minecraft server, gamers will first need to make sure they are either whitelisted, or the Minecraft server in question is public.

A public Minecraft server is one that has no restrictions on who can join, meaning anyone with a copy of Minecraft is granted full access to the server world.

5 most fun Minecraft Java Edition servers for anyone to join

5) Purple Prison

Server IP Address:


Purple Prison is a fantastically fun Minecraft prison server and offers a variety of different gamemodes, including parkour, PVP, roleplay, lucky block, and much more.

This public server also remains extremely popular, boasting thousands of players at most times of the day and a friendly discord community with over 50,000 unique members.

4) Mineplex

Server IP Address:


Once king of all Minecraft servers, Mineplex may no longer be in its prime in terms of popularity, however, it still provides some of the best content Minecraft multiplayer has to offer.

With dozens of different minigames, including house favorites such as Survival Games, Speed Builds, and Bridges, Mineplex is definitely one of the best public Minecraft servers in existence.

3) Herobrine

Server IP Address:


Herobrine is among the most popular Minecraft cracked servers of all time, flexing tens of thousands of unique joins every day.

As this server is cracked, it comes with the advantage of allowing anyone to join. This even includes players that haven't bought an official copy of Minecraft.

2) CubeCraft

Server IP Address:


When it comes to Minecraft public servers, few can claim a legacy that holds up to CubeCraft, one of the game's most longstanding and well-known servers. CubeCraft has enjoyed millions of joins throughout its over 10-year lifespan and still clocks in with thousands of daily players.

Gameplay-wise, players can enjoy a bunch of different minigames on here, with fan favorites being SkyWars, Eggwars, and Lucky Islands.

1) Hypixel

Server IP Address:


Hypixel is currently dominating the Minecraft multiplayer scene in terms of player count, clocking in with over 100,000 concurrent players on busy weekends.

There are a bunch of different gamemodes to play on this public server, including Bedwars, Skywars, Skyblock, Murder mystery, and Duels.

Currently, Skyblock is the most popular gamemode on Hypixel, making up around 40% of the total server player base.

The aforementioned Minecraft public servers are, of course, available for anyone to join.

All of these public servers are also a brilliant place to make new friends with like-minded gamers.

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