5 best PvP players in Minecraft (2022)

Minecraft PvP is a trendy mode among players (Image via RKY on YouTube)
Minecraft PvP is a trendy mode among players (Image via RKY on YouTube)

PvP is a very popular mode in Minecraft. Players devote their entire gaming careers to it, while servers exist solely for it, and maps are designed.

PvP is such a vital part of the game that many users play regular worlds with PvP play styles in mind.

Many streamers play PvP and are pretty good at it. It can be a challenging mode to master, given how different it is from regular gameplay. It's pretty impressive to be good at it, which these gamers are.

Players who are really good at Minecraft PvP

5) Golfeh

@LeBaggete man ya he peleado con este tipo y está a la altura de golfeh por no decir superior, y le gane 1 vez en por pvp significa que tendré oportunidad contra golfeh?

Golfeh is considered by many to be one of the best Minecraft PvP gamers around. He plays on much more current versions than most PvP users, which is interesting to many.

He has faced the best of the best in PvP (some of whom find themselves on this list) and has come out on top more times than not.

4) Sapnap

sapnaps pvp skills are criminally underrated mf had technoblade on 2 hearts

Sapnap may not be considered a true PvP player, but the manhunt videos are PvP-adjacent. With that in mind, it's easy to consider Sapnap, GeorgeNotFound, and others to be talented at PvP.

He's an incredible crafter who is also great at PvP. That's good enough for this list.

3) xNestorio

Whos better at pvp ?RT for @Huahwi Like For @xNestorio Ends at 100 Rt or like

xNestorio is among the best PvP players to ever pick up a controller or keyboard and mouse. He's proficient with three different weapons: bows, fishing rods, and swords.

That makes him challenging to defeat, no matter the playstyle. He can defeat enemies from range and up close, which few other players can say.

2) Dream

Dream may be the best ever at the game (Image via Skeppy on YouTube)
Dream may be the best ever at the game (Image via Skeppy on YouTube)

The same logic that applies to Sapnap can also be used for Dream. He is arguably the best Minecraft player ever and routinely wins manhunts, which are PvP-esque.

Most PvP matches or worlds are not five versus one, but that's what Dream routinely faces and wins. That's an incredible skill and makes him one of the best at many facets of the game, including PvP.

1) Technoblade


Technoblade is one of the most popular players on this list, but he's also one of the best. He routinely wins tournaments and bests other players, which arguably makes him the best PvP player around.

Not many can boast the feats he can, including his rank in the Monday tournament.

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