5 best technical mods for Minecraft (2021)

Technical mods add machines to Minecraft (Image via Minecraft)
Technical mods add machines to Minecraft (Image via Minecraft)
Anmol David

Minecraft is a survival game with an infinite sandbox world. This unlocks unlimited potential for players to build anything they want. However, while there are a plethora of items that can be used to supplement the intricate building projects of players in vanilla Minecraft, the game lacks the aspect of automation and factory building, other than the use of redstone, which can be limited in many cases.

Mods can be used to add a plethora of technical aspects to Minecraft. This includes mods that add engines, factories, and other automated devices. These mods can be used to make Minecraft’s building experience much more convenient and smoother.

Top 5 mods that add machines and technical features to Minecraft

5) Minefactory reloaded

The Minefactory Reloaded mod (Image via Minecraft)
The Minefactory Reloaded mod (Image via Minecraft)

This popular mod adds a bunch of new machines to Minecraft. These machines carry out different processes from enchanting to ore processing, and even mob grinding for easy experience points.

Machines like the biofuel reactor can be found in this mod, which allows players to automate and carry out a huge number of activities that were previously manual only, such as farming and harvesting crops.

Download the mod here.

4) Computer craft

The Computer Craft mod (Image via direwolf20 on YouTube)
The Computer Craft mod (Image via direwolf20 on YouTube)

This mod adds interactive computer systems to Minecraft. These programmable computers use the Lua programming language, which can be used to carry out certain actions like controlling players’ Redstone circuits and more.

Players can construct and place modems, that can be used in tandem with other pieces of machinery to carry out technical functions. Every action is carried out using commands.

3) Nuclear Craft

The Nuclear Craft mod (Image via Minecraft)
The Nuclear Craft mod (Image via Minecraft)

This mod is based on energy production and focuses on using nuclear power to create energy for various machines. It adds a plethora of new ores to Minecraft, like Uranium, lithium, boron ore, tin ore, and magnesium ore.

It used various machines like nuclear, fission, and fusion reactors to carry out multiple technical processes for energy production and consumption.

2) Mekanism

The Mekanism mod (Image via Minecraft)
The Mekanism mod (Image via Minecraft)

Mekanism is one of the most popular technology mods out there. It adds a plethora of low, mid, and high tier machinery to Minecraft, from jetpacks to hot air balloons.

It also adds some new mobs like robots to the game, which can be taken as pets and made to fly around with the players as they glide across the world of Minecraft on their jetpack.

1) Buildcraft

Buildcraft is a well-known mod for Minecraft that adds a ton of automation capabilities for many tasks and processes in Minecraft. It has been around for a long time, adding new transport types and fluid pipes to transport fluids easily. It also adds machines that can transfer items between players’ inventories.

The aforementioned mods add brand new machines and contraptions to Minecraft, that make the lives of players easier. Furthermore, there can be more functionality to the game in the form of energy production and automation.

Note: This article is subjective and solely reflects the opinion of the writer.

Edited by Sijo Samuel Paul

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