5 best tipped arrows in Minecraft

Tipped arrows (Image via Minecraft)
Tipped arrows (Image via Minecraft)
Manish Kumar Choudhary

In Minecraft, players can use either ranged or melee weapons. Ranged weapons include bows and crossbows, while swords and axes fall under the melee category.

Both weapon types deal somewhat similar damage. Obviously, to use melee weapons, players will have to be close to the enemy. In the case of ranged weapons, players can deal damage to enemies from a safe distance. Along with safety, ranged weapons also offer a wide variety of ammunition.

With bows, players can shoot regular arrows, spectral arrows, and tipped arrows. Out of these three options, tipped arrows are considered to be the best as they can apply status effects to enemies hit by them. This article lists five of the best tipped arrows in Minecraft.

Tipped arrows in Minecraft

5) Arrow of Poison


While the poison effect itself isn't particularly lethal in Minecraft, it can still deal a lot of damage to players and mobs over time. When somebody has a poison status effect, they take damage every 1.25 seconds until their health bar drops to half a heart.

Players can craft poison-tipped arrows by using eight arrows and a Lingering Potion of Poison. Players in Bedrock Edition can use their cauldrons to make tipped arrows. Arrows of Poison can be a fun way to prank friends or kill enemies.

4) Arrow of Healing


Arrow of Healing can instantly heal both mobs and players. At level 1, it heals two hearts, whereas at level 2, it heals for eight hearts. Healing arrows can affect hostile mobs negatively. Undead mobs like zombies, skeletons, and phantoms take extra damage from Arrows of Healing.

Players can use Arrows of Healing to effectively fight undead mobs. To craft Arrows of Healing, players will need eight arrows and a Lingering Potion of Healing.

3) Arrow of Harming


Arrow of Harming is an offensive arrow in Minecraft that deals extra instant damage to enemies. A level 1 Arrow of Harming deals instant damage of three hearts, and level 2 does six hearts of damage.

Similar to the Arrow of Healing, an Arrow of Harming also has the opposite effect to undead mobs. Instead of damaging them, it recovers their health points. Players must only use this arrow against non-undead enemies. Arrow of Harming is crafted using eight arrows and a Lingering Potion of Instant Damage.

2) Arrow of Weakness


Arrow of Weakness inflicts the target with the Weakness status effect in Minecraft. It is not meant for PVP battles or killing mobs. An Arrow of Weakness is commonly used to efficiently cure zombie villagers in Minecraft.

Players can use a dispenser to hit zombie villagers with Arrows of Weakness and then feed them golden apples. By obtaining a fletcher with Arrow of Weakness trade, players won't have to worry about brewing lingering potions.

1) Arrow of Strength


Strength is easily one of the best status effects in Minecraft. Any mob or player with this particular status has their attack strength highly increased. A level 2 Arrow of Strength increases melee damage by six hearts.

Players can make Arrows of Strength by using eight arrows and a Lingering Potion of Strength. Be sure not to hit enemies with this arrow in Minecraft!

Disclaimer: This list is subjective and solely reflects the views of the writer.

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