Lingering potion in Minecraft: All you need to know

Image via Minecraft
Image via Minecraft
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Lingering potions in Minecraft are so unique, even Minecraft veterans might not know about this useful type of potion.

Lingering potions are an example of a type of item that has been in the game for a while, but even many Minecraft experts either do not know how to obtain them, or have never even heard about them.

This rare type of potion can prove to be incredibly useful as it mimics one of the most powerful attacks from one of the most powerful mobs in the game.

Here’s how to obtain and use lingering potions in Minecraft 1.17.

Everything Minecraft players should know about lingering potions

The basics

Image via Minecraft
Image via Minecraft

Similar to splash potions, lingering potions are a class of potion rather than a single one with a unique effect. Like splash potions, lingering potions need to be thrown from the Minecraft player’s inventory for its effects to work.

When thrown, however, lingering potions do not simply break and give any player close enough a potion effect like splash ones do. Instead, they mimic the ender dragon’s dragon breath attack.

Throwing a lingering potion causes a cloud to appear, and any mobs that walk through this cloud are given the effects of the potion.

This cloud starts with a radius of about three blocks, slowly decreasing over the course of thirty seconds until the potion’s effect has been used up. Additionally, any mobs that wander through the cloud will use up a portion of the effect, meaning that the more mobs that are affected by the cloud, the faster the cloud will disappear.

Like splash potions, turning a potion into a lingering potion will decrease its duration. For splash potions, the duration is halved, but for lingering potions, it is fourthed. This also applies to potions without durations, which will decrease in potency by half when turned into a lingering potion.

Finally, lingering potions have a special effect which make them far more powerful than any other type of potion in the game. When a player or mob stands in the cloud, the effect of the potion is continuously applied, stacking on top of itself.

This makes lingering potions the most effective types of potions in Minecraft. For example, they can heal the player with many more hearts than a drinkable potion would.


Image via Minecraft
Image via Minecraft

Lingering potions are potentially the most difficult type of potion for players to obtain in Minecraft. This is because the player needs to have beaten the ender dragon in order to get the items necessary to make them.

Similar to splash potions, lingering potions are made using a brewing stand and any type of potion the player chooses. The potion must first be turned into a splash potion by using gunpowder, and then placed back into the brewing stand.

Then, the player will put a bottle of dragon’s breath in the stand, and once used up, it will transform the splash potion into a lingering potion of the same type.

To obtain dragon’s breath, the player must bring glass bottles to the ender dragon fight. Once the dragon uses her dragon’s breath attack, the player should click the affected area with a bottle in order to fill it with the magic needed to make lingering potions.

It is advised to get a lot of dragon’s breath from the first ender dragon fight, or else Minecraft players may need to respawn the dragon in order to make the lingering potions they need.


Image via Minecraft
Image via Minecraft

Besides using lingering potions to create clouds of effect for players and other mobs to walk through, these unique items have a few other uses that make obtaining them even more worthwhile.

One use of lingering potions is the same as the use of splash potions: putting out fire and damaging blazes. If a lingering or splash potion is made from a bottle of water instead of a type of potion, throwing it will cause any fires in the area to stop burning, as well as harm blazes for half a heart.

However, the lingering version of this potion will not create an effect cloud like other types of potions do when given the lingering effect.

Lingering potions can also be put into the crafting table and surrounded with arrows in order to make tipped arrows. Tipped arrows are very useful for applying potion effects to far away players and mobs.

They can be shot out of a bow or crossbow at entities in order to give them the effect of whichever lingering potion was used to craft them. This establishes lingering potions as some of the most multipurpose (yet incredibly hard to get) items in Minecraft.

Best types

Image via Minecraft
Image via Minecraft

Since dragon’s breath is a very rare item that is essential in brewing lingering potions, it can be a big decision for players to choose which ones to make linger. However, certain types of potions are more useful than others when turned into an effect cloud, and these are among the most useful:

  • Potion of healing - can heal players by up to ten hearts at a time.
  • Potion of harming - can deal massive damage to a large number of enemies at once.
  • Potion of fire resistance - helpful for a large party exploring the nether.
  • Potion of slow falling - useful for exploring end cities with friends.
  • Potion of weakness - can be used to heal multiple zombie villagers at a time.

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