5 best villager jobs in Minecraft 1.19 update

Librarian villager (Image via Mojang)
Librarian villager (Image via Mojang)

When Minecraft players visit villages, they run into a few different types of villagers. The most common include farmers, librarians, fishermen and clerics. However, there are a lot more options than those ones available in the game. These jobs are determined by job blocks, of which there are currently 13 in the game.

Villagers without a job will pick up the nearest available job block. This can also be used to change their profession. If crafters break the block and place a new one, the villager will pick up the new job.

Their job determines what trades they can offer, so many jobs are better than others, and some offer incredible trades that should be taken advantage of. Here are the best ones to use in version 1.19.

Minecraft 1.19 update: Which villager jobs offer the best trades, ranked

5) Toolsmith

#Minecraft Found village in plains, found 1 villger, and found a cave. hopfully, I find some diamonds. I turned the villager in a toolsmith

Diamond tools are great to have. A diamond shovel is very useful and will help players terraform and remove dirt, sand or gravel from a cave at incredible rates. Those blocks can be broken with a hand, but a shovel (of which diamond is one of the highest rarities) does it a lot quicker.

Diamond shovels and hoes are good, but they're not a good use of diamonds. All other tools and weapons, as well as armor, are better to use diamonds for. Trading emeralds for them from villagers doesn't waste diamonds, though, which is why a toolsmith (which requires a smithing table) is so valuable.

4) Cartographer

There are a couple of things that a cartographer offers that are both extremely important and extremely rare. Maps to an Ocean Monument or a Woodland Mansion can only be obtained from a cartographer. These trades alone make them incredibly valuable since they are exclusive and helpful items found only in those structures.

Minecraft cartographers also trade for paper and glass panes, so they're easy to use to get a lot of emeralds. Jobless villagers will turn into cartographers with a cartography table.

3) Armorer

An armorer villager, as well as a shrine in its honor (Image via JaceH555/YouTube)
An armorer villager, as well as a shrine in its honor (Image via JaceH555/YouTube)

Diamond Minecraft armor is nearly invaluable in the game. Since Netherite remains so difficult to get, full diamond armor is still a good thing to pursue. It costs a lot of diamonds, though, and it often costs a lot of levels to enchant. Enchanted diamond armor can be traded for from an armorer, though.

All four items can be found in their level four and five trades and will be enchanted. This is a much cheaper way to acquire good armor than making it manually. The Minecraft armorer needs a blast furnace for its job block.

2) Weaponsmith

Weaponsmith (Image via Peachester/YouTube)
Weaponsmith (Image via Peachester/YouTube)

Weaponsmiths offer enchanted diamond weapons, which include swords and axes. These items are incredibly useful for a player to have, but they can be expensive.

Enchanting a sword with Sharpness V, Looting III, Unbreaking III, Fire Aspect II, and Mending I can be very expensive, not to mention making one requires three diamonds.

Trading for a Minecraft sword with a couple of those enchantments will alleviate much of the cost. This villager needs a grindstone to become a weaponsmith.

1) Librarian


The best job for a villager has to be a librarian, which happens when a jobless villager picks up a lecturn. They will trade emeralds for paper and books, which is a good deal, but the things they offer are unrivaled. Enchanted books can be obtained for as low as level one trades with them.

The best part about librarians is that they can give Minecraft gamers any enchanted books, including Mending I, Looting III, Fire Protection IV, and anything else they could want.

This does require breaking and placing the lecturn over and again to reset the trades, but it's so worth it.

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