5 best Villager professions to get Emeralds in Minecraft 1.18

Image shows the villagers and their trades (Image via Minecraft Wiki)
Image shows the villagers and their trades (Image via Minecraft Wiki)
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Vaidehi Shrestha

One of the rarest ore that can be found naturally in Minecraft is Emeralds. They are even rarer than diamonds. It is, however, the currency of Minecraft when trading with Villagers or Wandering Traders.

Players can mine for hours and only find ten emeralds if they're lucky. However, there is an easier and faster way to get them in Minecraft. Villagers, the same mob that requires these gems for trading, are also an amazing source to get emeralds.

There are a total of 15 professions. Out of these, villagers can take up to 13, while the remaining two are non-professionals. To give a villager a certain profession, a particular block has to be placed in front of them.

Hence, players can trade a bunch of items that could give them emeralds without mining for it.


Emerald farming: 5 best Villagers to acquire emeralds from in Minecraft 1.18

All the villagers offer emeralds in return for some specific items, however, some items are easily acquired as compared to the others. Although villagers with any profession will supply the players with emeralds, not all of them are economical.

There are 5 levels that a villager can go up to: novice, apprentice, journeyman, expert and master. With each tier the villager rises to, the trades become better. The villagers also have a trade limit after which they will stop the trade of that item for sometime. If players keep on trading the same items with villagers, the prices receive a bump.

This article will guide the players as to which Minecraft villager profession is best opted to get a high number of emeralds with relative ease.

1) Fletcher

Trade offered by Fletcher (Image via Minecraft)
Trade offered by Fletcher (Image via Minecraft)

To give a villager this profession, players need to place a fletching table in front of them. Fletchers are an easy source of emeralds as they give one for 32 sticks. This is the fastest way to acquire emeralds since sticks can be easily crafted.

2) Farmer

Trade offered by Farmer (Image via Minecraft)
Trade offered by Farmer (Image via Minecraft)

Farmers trade a variety of crops in turn for an emerald. One can trade wheat, potatoes, beetroot and carrots with a farmer while he is still on Level 1. As the villager reaches Level 2, players can also trade pumpkins and melons for emeralds.

Farmers are ideal for trading and acquiring emeralds since growing any of these crops is very easy.

3) Cartographer

Trade offered by Cartographer (Image via Minecraft)
Trade offered by Cartographer (Image via Minecraft)

This villager trades paper for emeralds. Paper can be crafted using Sugarcanes which can be easily found and farmed near water. Players can also make an automatic sugarcane farm to get these plants faster and more efficiently. Cartographers trade 24 papers for one emerald.

Upon reaching Level 2, cartographers also trade emeralds for 11 glass panes, which are easily made and are quite a profitable trade.

4) Shepherd

Trade offered by Shepard (Image via Minecraft)
Trade offered by Shepard (Image via Minecraft)

Wool can be easily acquired in Minecraft. Players can get it by shearing a sheep or by eliminating them. Also, making an automatic wool farm is very easy and quite profitable as shepherds trade one emerald for 18 wool.

Upon leveling them up, they also buy 12 dyes for one emerald. Dyes can be made by flowers which are easily found in plains biome or meadow biome.

5) Librarians

Trade offered by Librarian (Image via Minecraft)
Trade offered by Librarian (Image via Minecraft)

Librarians are an incredible source of enchanted books that players can apply to their armor or tools. However, they are also an amazing source to get emeralds. Similar to cartographers, they trade paper for these gems. They also trade emeralds for four books.

Hence, if a player sets up an automatic sugarcane farm in their world, they can reap rewards from both the cartographer and librarians.

There are other villagers too that would trade items for emeralds. However, these five professions are the most economical when it comes to accessibility of items and crafting ability.

The process can even be enhanced by first converting a villager into a zombie villager and then curing them. This method is used quite often by players in Minecraft to reduce the prices.

Note: The article is subjective and reflects the author's opinions.

Edited by Sijo Samuel Paul
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