5 best ways to make Minecraft more fun

Minecraft can be full of endless possibilities (Image via Minecraft)
Minecraft can be full of endless possibilities (Image via Minecraft)
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Being a sandbox game, Minecraft is known for having near endless possibilities. Still, some avid Minecraft players might find themselves bored after doing the same in-game activities over and over again.

Although there is so much to do, solo, vanilla Minecraft can start to feel monotonous. Luckily, gamers have so many options to try out that will bring a brand new breath of life to Minecraft.

Minecraft: 5 ways to make the game more fun to play

1) Learn redstone

Building with redstone (Image via Neuer Kanal on Youtube)
Building with redstone (Image via Neuer Kanal on Youtube)

Redstone is one of the most interesting aspects of Minecraft, but it can also be quite complicated. With enough practice and patience, players can master redstone builds.

Building with redstone can be very rewarding. Not only will redstone contraptions make survival worlds more manageable in many ways, but it is also super satisfying to complete a working redstone build.

2) Speedruns

Most Minecraft players know about speedrunning the game. Speedruns are often super motivating races against the clock that give gamers a designated in-game goal of beating the Ender dragon. Plus, it’s always fun to attempt to beat one’s own best time.

What’s more, speedruns do not need to involve beating the Ender dragon. There are many different objectives within Minecraft that gamers can set for themselves to complete in the fastest time possible, allowing for more fun things to do within the game.

3) Play with friends

A group of Minecraft friends (Image via Reddit)
A group of Minecraft friends (Image via Reddit)

One surefire way to avoid boredom in Minecraft is by playing with friends. This can be done in a multitude of different ways.

Some gamers enjoy world-building with their comrades on SMPs, or survival multiplayer servers. Players can also speedrun the game with their friends on a LAN world or another online server to make the feat a bit easier. Many online servers offer mini-games that make playing Minecraft with friends easy as well.

4) Play online

The Hypixel server lobby (Image via Hypixel)
The Hypixel server lobby (Image via Hypixel)

On the same note, gamers will almost never run out of things to do in Minecraft on online servers. There are nearly endless options when it comes to free servers to play on, all with a plethora of different mini-games, maps, and Minecraft activities.

Popular Minecraft mini-games include Bed Wars, Parkour, and Sky Block, but players will find a wide variety of games that they prefer upon exploring various online servers.

5) Download mods

A new biome in the Outer End mod (Image via CurseForge)
A new biome in the Outer End mod (Image via CurseForge)

By far, the best way to make Minecraft more exciting and fun is by downloading mods. Mods can modify vanilla Minecraft by adding or re-coding aspects of the original game.

There is a mod for just about anything Minecraft players can imagine, from new mobs, new biomes, new weapons, new achievements, and much, much more. Whichever way gamers might wish Minecraft was more fun, there is likely a mod available to solve that problem.

Note: The list is subjective and reflects the views of the writer.

There are plenty more options for making Minecraft fun, but these are some of the easiest solutions to end boredom in the game. Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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