5 best wizard tower designs for beginners in Minecraft

A wizard tower (Image via Minecraft)
A wizard tower (Image via Minecraft)

Minecraft’s building mechanic is one of its highest selling points. The fact that players can build almost anything they desire in a sandbox world that stretches on almost infinitely is mind-numbing.

Players can build simple structures like houses and cottages to entire cities and castles. Additionally, with automation playing a huge role in building nowadays, there is no end to the players’ building capabilities.

Wizard Towers are a popular choice to build amongst Minecraft players. Each tower is different from the other, and each builder has their designated design in mind, which makes each build unique.

Additionally, the medieval architecture style associated with the general wizard tower design is quite popular among builders within the game’s community.

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Minecraft: Five wizard tower builds that beginners can attempt

5) Nether Wizard Tower

This adorable wizard tower design is almost entirely made from blocks found in Minecraft's nether dimension. The roof is the most fascinating part of the build, as it is built in a way that represents a witch or wizard's long and pointed hat (depicted as the roof of the build). The build is quite simple to replicate.

The base and walls of the build are made using all four types of nether bricks variants: nether bricks, chiseled nether bricks, cracked nether bricks, and red nether bricks. The upper section is made using polished and gilded blackstone. The rooftop structure, representing a witch's hat, is made from nether bricks.

4) Stone wizard tower

This wizard tower design is made almost entirely from materials easily obtained in the overworld, aside from the polished blackstone blocks. The foundation of the build is made using stone bricks and wooden logs.

Stripped wooden logs and trapdoors can also be seen for decoration and representation of stability. The upper part of the tower has a partly wooden roof. However, blackstone is a major component that has been used for construction here, mostly to construct the boundary and rooftop.

The upper section’s walls are made using what seems to be white concrete and diorite blocks mixed. The blackstone used is the polished blackstone variant. Lanterns have been used for lighting and decoration purposes. H\Players may use other sources like torches, glowstone, or sea lanterns.

3) Prismarine wizard tower

The wizard tower design is quite simple and can be attempted by a beginner. It has one huge structure with a single small tower branching out of its side. Aside from the roof, the entire structure is made up of stone bricks.

Windows made of purple stained glass are present along the walls of both the big and small tower. The roof is made using prismarine blocks. This build is one of the easiest on this list and retains the medieval essence of a wizard tower build.

2) Three-tower design

This unique design can be a great first build for beginner-level Minecraft builders looking for a moderate challenge. The build seems intimidating but is relatively easy to replicate based on this design from u/UmpireHistorical1299 on Reddit.

The build has one main tower and two secondary towers. The base is built using an assortment of blocks, including grass blocks, tuff, diorite, dirt, etc. The main body of each of the towers is made using diorite, and decoration has been done using dripstone, lanterns, trapdoors, etc.

Iron bars have been used to represent windows, and sweet berry bushes make the build seem natural and atmospheric. Finally, the roof for all three towers is built using warped planks, primarine blocks, stripped warped logs, trapdoors and slabs.

1) Blackstone Wizard Tower

This final Minecraft wizard tower build is quite a simple one. Players can relate this build to that of a mansion or house. The build contains a single tower connected to a larger structure that replicates the shape of a mansion.

The lower part of the entire structure, including the walls, is made using deepslate blocks, and the roof is made using polished blackstone.

The boundaries for each part of the structure are made using wooden logs, and the interior is done using diorite and other white-colored blocks. The builder has also put a border around the build. This feature is optional.

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