5 most downloaded Minecraft Fabric mods (2022)

Fabric is a highly popular modloader with many unique mods (Image via Xenoblade mod)
Fabric is a highly popular modloader with many unique mods (Image via Xenoblade mod)

Fabric Modloader is a mod loader for Minecraft that can load mods placed in the mods folder of the game directory. Many claim it has a much more robust infrastructure than the original Forge modloader, making it the go-to choice of some avid modders.

Whatever the justification for using Fabric over Forge may be, this article will highlight not just one but five of the most downloaded Fabric mods as of 2022.

Minecraft Fabric mods with the most downloads in 2022

5) Nature's Compass


Downloads: 51 Million

Starting this list off is The Nature's Compass mod. This mod adds to the game a utility item that serves many purposes regarding Minecraft biomes.

More specifically, this compass provides players with information about the biome they are currently in as well as the biomes surrounding them. This can be helpful for players who are looking for specific biomes or want to see what other kinds of biomes exist near their current location.

4) Clumps


Downloads: 72 million

Clocking in with 72 million downloads, the Clumps mod may not be the most practical mod, but it certainly is useful. It sets out to increase the performance and thereby FPS (frames per second) of the game via clumping together EXP orbs.

While this may not sound like much at first, the effects can add up and result in noticeable performance gains over time. Also, the mod is compatible with almost all versions of the game, making it a no-brainer to install.

3) Controlling


Downloads: 88 million

Boasting 88 million unique downloads, this utility-based mod titled simply "Controlling" adds a search function to the in-game keybinds menu. This makes it much easier to browse and make large edits to the keybinds menu.

For those less keen on Fabric, this mod also handily provides full Forge support as well. It truly makes it a great choice no matter what the platform.

2) AppleSkin


Downloads: 97 Million

In the spirit of lightweight mods is AppleSkin, a mod for Fabric with almost 100 million unique downloads. This mod primarily provides more clarity to Minecraft's hunger system, adding a bar for hunger saturation among many other new hunger-related indicators.

This mod proves extremely useful when playing Minecraft Survival as it can help players make better decisions on what is best to eat.

1) Mouse Tweaks


Downloads: 111 Million

Clocking in with over 111 million unique downloads, the Mouse Tweaks mod is certainly one of the most popular Minecraft mods of all time.

This simple quality of life mod sets out to allow players access to remap features on their mouse. Some of the available options are RMB Tweak, LMB Tweak, and the Wheel Tweak. This mod is also highly popular in PvP games such as Minecraft Factions, where it pays to be able to move items out of a chest quickly.

Note: This article is subjective and solely reflects the writer's opinions.

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