5 things players likely didn't know about Creative Mode in Minecraft

Creative Mode (Image via YouTube)
Creative Mode (Image via YouTube)
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When a player first creates their Minecraft world, they're prompted to choose between a survival or creative world. Survival can teach the player what it takes to survive in the world, fight mobs, and obtain materials. Creative mode, on the other hand, is a world mode where the player doesn't have to work to obtain materials or survive. The player is immortal and immune to attacks in creative mode. This means the players are left with all the resources in the world to create whatever their hearts desire.

There are still things that players may not know about creative mode, especially newer players who may not have tested out the game mode yet. Here are 5 lesser-known facts about Minecraft's creative mode.

5 things players might not know about creative mode in Minecraft

#1 - Creative mode only items

Giant creative mode server (Image via
Giant creative mode server (Image via

When players are in creative mode they have an unlimited supply of resources and some resources that are impossible to obtain in vanilla survival Minecraft. Some of these items are:

  • Bedrock
  • Chorus plants
  • End portal frames
  • Spawn eggs
  • Farmland
  • Infested blocks
  • Player heads

#2 - Creative mode lack of items

Secret blocks (Image via YouTube)
Secret blocks (Image via YouTube)

Contrary to #1 on this list, there are also items that players cannot obtain through their inventory in creative mode. These items must be added through some other means or given to the player using the /give command. Some of these items include:

  • Dragon egg
  • Barrier
  • Command blocks
  • Debug Stick
  • Suspicious stew
  • Spawners
  • Fireworks

#3 - Creative mode's history

Creative mode build (Image via
Creative mode build (Image via

Creative mode has been in the works since the beginning of Minecraft. It was later removed, to be used in the future. When Notch was still working on the game, he added and unadded creative mode quite a few times before officially announcing that Minecraft would have a creative mode option in 2011. In Minecraft Java Edition Beta, 1.8 release, creative mode was officially an option alongside survival mode.

#4 - In-game switching

Creative mode on (Image via YouTube)
Creative mode on (Image via YouTube)

If cheats are enabled in the player's Minecraft world, then the player can switch the game mode with ease without saving and exiting the world. This is done by a simple command "/game mode creative" to turn the world creative, or "/game mode survival" to turn the world survival in Java Edition Minecraft. In all other versions of Minecraft, players can use "/game mode c," "/game mode 1," or "/game mode creative" to change their world to creative mode.

#5 - Trivia

Trivia Minecraft (Image
Trivia Minecraft (Image

Creative mode disables achievements on Bedrock and Console Editions of Minecraft.

The only way to die in Minecraft's creative mode is the /kill command, or to fall into the void. Falling into the void doesn't work on Bedrock Edition though, as players will end up walking on top of the void.

Players can spawn in any mob with spawn eggs, except for iron golems and mob bosses.

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