5 Minecraft Education Edition features that you probably did not know about

Minecraft Education Edition (Image via Mojang)
Minecraft Education Edition (Image via Mojang)

Five years ago, Mojang released Minecraft Education Edition and brought a revolution to the education system. Students worldwide can study while playing their favorite game.

The Education Edition adds programming and science to the regular world of Minecraft. Many schools are also using Education Edition to teach their students. During the Covid-19 pandemic, many students remotely studied from their homes by playing Minecraft.

This special edition has features to teach students about elements, compounds, programming, and more. This article lists some features players may not know about in Minecraft Education.

Lesser-known features in Minecraft Education Edition

5) Portfolio

Portfolios (Image via Mojang)
Portfolios (Image via Mojang)

Minecraft Education has a wide variety of exclusive items to help players study while playing their favorite game. Portfolios are an item added to help students work on their projects. Using portfolios, players can showcase their impressive creations to friends or family.

Portfolios are similar to book and quill from the base game. However, players cannot get it by crafting. The only way to obtain portfolios is by using a command or creative menu.

4) Tutorial world

Tutorial world (Image via Mojang)
Tutorial world (Image via Mojang)

Minecraft Education has a tutorial world that guides first-time players. The tutorial world explains the basics of Minecraft, such as game controls, crafting, placing blocks, etc.

Minecraft Education is used by many teachers and students who haven't played Minecraft. Using the tutorial world, they can learn about the basics of the game.

3) Camera

Camera and NPC (Image via Mojang)
Camera and NPC (Image via Mojang)

Minecraft Education Edition has an in-game camera for taking photos. While players can always take screenshots, the camera allows them to use pictures taken in Minecraft. Players can only get cameras using the command or creative menu.

Photos taken from the camera are attached to portfolios. This way, students can share their projects with teachers or friends.

2) Allow and deny blocks


Allow and deny blocks are another item that is only available with commands or creative menu. These blocks are helpful for players who want others to visit their homes but not break or build anything.

Allow block lets other players build and break, while deny block does the opposite of allow block. With these two blocks, players gain control over their world.

1) Zombie pigmen

Zombie pigman (Image via Mojang)
Zombie pigman (Image via Mojang)

In 2020, Mojang revamped the entire Nether Realm with the 1.16 update. This update removed the iconic zombie pigmen and turned them into zombie piglins. Some players may not know that zombie pigmen are available in Education Edition.

Education Edition hasn't received the Nether Update. Minecraft Education is lagging a few updates behind the main game. As it focuses on learning, developers don't prioritize parity between Bedrock/Java and Education Edition.

Note: This article is subjective and solely reflects the opinion of the writer.

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