5 things players might not know about Steve in Minecraft

Steve in Smash Bros. (Image via Nintendo)
Steve in Smash Bros. (Image via Nintendo)
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Minecraft Steve has quickly become one of the most iconic video game characters. He's mentioned in the same breath as Link, Mario, Sonic, Lara Croft, Pikachu and more. He's been the most notable character in the game since it came out nearly 13 years ago.

There are tons of skins available for players, but many choose to go with the standard Steve skin. It's a classic and one of the most popular choices. Steve may be very familiar, but there's plenty that people may not have known about him.

Fun facts about Steve from Minecraft

5) Steve far predates Alex

honorable mention of steve and alex for being nonbinary and using any pronouns from minecraft

Most gamers know that Steve came first. What they might not know is how long Steve was the only avatar in the game. He was introduced at the beginning and it took Mojang all the way to version 1.18 for Java Edition to introduce Alex.

4) Steve can jump higher than one block

nobody told me jump boost 2 and elytra momentum together meant 4-5 block jumps #PS5Share, #Minecraft

Any player who has tried to jump more than a block without any kind of boost has failed. Steve cannot surmount two blocks in a single jump. However, he can technically go higher than a single block. The player (in this case, Steve, but it applies to Alex, too) can jump one and a quarter blocks.

3) Steve does not have a beard

Steve has no beard (Image via Mojang)
Steve has no beard (Image via Mojang)

There has been a bit of debate about whether Steve has a beard or if that's his mouth. According to the Minecraft Wiki, that's his mouth, but he did previously have a beard. The beardless version was added in the 0.24 Survival Test.

2) He's in Smash

Steve in Smash (Image via Nintendo)
Steve in Smash (Image via Nintendo)

Steve is one of the most iconic video game characters right now, so it's totally fitting that he found his way to Super Smash Bros. In Ultimate, he was one of the final DLC characters and has become a popular choice for many gamers.

1) There used to be a Steve mob

Steve was once a mob (Image via Minecraft Wiki)
Steve was once a mob (Image via Minecraft Wiki)

Steve was not just the avatar in the early versions of the game. In fact, there was a mob that looked like him. There were a few other humanesque mobs, like Beast Boy, but Steve was the most prominent. Unfortunately, that mob didn't last long.

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