5 most underwhelming armors in Minecraft Dungeons

Spelunker's Armor (Image via u/YaLikeDadJokes on Reddit)
Spelunker's Armor (Image via u/YaLikeDadJokes on Reddit)

There are tons of armor options to explore in Minecraft Dungeons. Players have much more available than just chain, leather, iron, gold, diamond or Netherite. Each armor also does different things.

Armor in Dungeons can add different abilities, different protections or more, whereas most unenchanted armors in Minecraft just add basic protection.

That makes a lot of the armor available for Dungeons players really good, but not every piece is amazing. Some of them are fairly basic, which can be a bit underwhelming. Here are a few examples of that.

Underwhelming pieces of armor for Minecraft Dungeons

5) Fox armor

Fox armor (Image via Minecraft Dungeons)
Fox armor (Image via Minecraft Dungeons)

Fox armor has a few benefits, such as a 30% chance to negate hits, 20% increase in weapon damage boost aura, and health potions heal nearby allies. However, it has almost no protection. It only has 38 health and 11 power.

That's not very helpful, even if the benefits are solid. It's typically not used for protection, but it is underwhelming when put on by just how little it truly provides.

4) Spelunker's Armor

Spelunker's Armor isn't terrible but it isn't good. Players who equip it will be left underwhelmed. It only adds 25% protection and a bat, which is one of the most useless mobs in the game.

Of all the summonable mobs, it is one of the least helpful because it doesn't do as much damage. Most players look forward to moving on from this armor set.

3) Emerald Armor

Emerald armor (Image via Minecraft Dungeons)
Emerald armor (Image via Minecraft Dungeons)

Emerald Armor is not unique, which hurts the quality. Unique armor is typically regarded as better because of the abilities they provide. Emerald armor doesn't have any of that, though it is better than ordinary armor.

That doesn't remove the underwhelming factor, though. It does spawn emeralds, but even that is a pretty low chance.

2) Evocation Robe

The Evocation Robe is underwhelming, but mainly due to its unique counterpart. Many armor sets have unique counterparts, which makes them look even worse in comparison.

The Evocation Robe is unequivocally worse than the Ember Robe and the Verdant Robe, both of which have good unique abilities.

1) Grim Armor

The same logic can be applied to the Grim Armor. Unique variants make better armor, so their base versions are frustrating to use. The Wither Armor is considered one of the best in Minecraft Dungeons, which reflects poorly on the Grim Armor. It's not bad armor, it's just underwhelming.

Note: This article is subjective and reflects the views of the author.