5 most underwhelming enchantments/curses in Minecraft (2022)

Enchanting room (Image via Minecraft)
Enchanting room (Image via Minecraft)
Vaidehi Shrestha

Some enchantments in Minecraft enhance gameplay and provide players with extra buffs. However, others fail to hit their mark. Players require XP to enchant items in Minecraft and the greater the number of enchants, the higher is the XP required.

When considering all these factors, one has to be careful when choosing them. There are currently 38 enchantments of Java Edition and 37 on Bedrock Edition. This article will list five enchantments in Minecraft that players should avoid.

Note: The list present in the article reflects the views of the writer.

Top 5 enchantments/curses in Minecraft that players should avoid

5) Frost Walker

Frozen path on water (Image via Minecraft)
Frozen path on water (Image via Minecraft)

This is a boot-only enchantment, and when worn, players are able to walk on water by converting it to ice. While the water turns to ice under their feet, it reverts back to its liquid state if players move further away. It can also be used in PvP, however, it has limited functions. Frost Walker is incompatible with Depth Strider, which allows players to navigate faster underwater.

Frost Walker has no clear function to it, making it an enchant that players should steer away from other than for a few moments of fun.

4) Channeling

Lightening striking an entity (Image via Minecraft)
Lightening striking an entity (Image via Minecraft)

Channeling enchantment is used for tridents that are sometimes dropped by the drowned. Only 15% and 6.25% of drowned spawn with tridents in Bedrock and Java respectively, out of which only 8.5% have a chance of dropping it.

However, this enchantment has limited use and functions only during thunderstorms and requires a clear line of sight of the target. Using this enchantment, players can strike a target with a bolt of lightning and deal damage.

Due to its niche usability, this enchantment should be avoided by players.

3) Bane of Arthropods


Bane of Arthropods enchantment is exclusive to swords and axes. It only inflicts extra damage to arthropods, such as spiders, cave spiders, silverfish, endermites, and bees. Due to its narrow scope and incompatibility with either Smite or Sharpness, this enchantment can be considered futile.

2) Curse of Binding

Curse of Binding (Image via Minecraft)
Curse of Binding (Image via Minecraft)

As the name suggests, players who don any armor with this enchantment cannot remove it. The only way to get rid of armor with Curse of Binding is to die. Hence, this enchantment can best be used to prank someone. Using dispensers players can apply cursed armor to their friends.

1) Curse of Vanishing


Curse of Vanishing is another cursed enchantment that does not provide players with any added benefits. Unlike Curse of Binding, this cursed enchantment can be applied to every tool and armor. If the player dies with an item that has this enchantment, then the said item will instantly despawn i.e. players cannot go back to where they died and reclaim their dropped items. There is no way to fix this curse.

Players can use it to their advantage on multiplayer servers to prevent other players from acquiring their gear upon death.

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