5 most useful potions for Minecraft beginners (2021)

Useful potions (Image via Minecraft)
Useful potions (Image via Minecraft)

The world of Minecraft is known for its vast endless seeming dimensions. Other than exploration, Minecraft also offers a touch of magic using enchantments and potions.

Potions are one of the oldest items in Minecraft. They have been in the game since the early development stage and are a popular in-game items. Using potions, players can grant themselves or other mobs special effects.

In Minecraft, players can brew potions having negative or positive effects. While experienced players can perform even the most difficult tasks without potions, beginners can use potions to make things easier.

Best potions for beginners in Minecraft

5) Fire Resistance potion

Fire Resistance stops fire damage (Image via Minecraft)
Fire Resistance stops fire damage (Image via Minecraft)

Fire Resistance potions come in handy while exploring the hellish realm of Minecraft. The Nether realm is the Minecraft version of underworl. It is filled with dangerous, hostile monsters and massive lava oceans. Even while mining in safe areas, players may encounter small lava packets, thus requiring fire resistance.

Having Fire Resistance potions can protect players from dying to lava. Beginners should get the Fire Resistance potion if they are scared of venturing into the Nether. To brew Fire Resistance potions, players will need magma cream.

4) Water Breathing potion

Water Breathing potion (Image via Minecrft)
Water Breathing potion (Image via Minecrft)

Players can survive underwater for a fixed amount of time, after which they start drowning. There are various tricks to survive underwater in Minecraft. But, beginners may not know them or fail to use them in the nick of time.

Using Water Breathing potions is a safe way to explore the beautiful and deep oceans of Minecraft. With the Water Breathing effect, players can breathe underwater without any limits. To brew Water Breathing Potions, players will need pufferfish in Minecraft.

3) Invisibility Potion

Potion of Invisibility, as the name suggests turns players invisible to other mobs in the game. Players with invisibility status effects are undetected by mobs or other players. Beginners can use Invisibility potions to safely raid structures with dangerous mobs like woodland mansions, bastions, etc.

Players can brew Invisibility potions by adding fermented spider eyes to awkward potions. Fermented spider eye is crafted with spider eye, brown mushroom, and sugar.

2) Strength Potion

Strength potion (Image via Minecraft)
Strength potion (Image via Minecraft)

Sometimes, beginners may find themselves helpless against boss mobs and hordes. In such cases, a Strength potion can be pretty useful. Strength effect increases melee attack damage by 3 at level I and 6 at level II. Players can brew Strength Potion by adding blaze powder to an awkward potion.

1) Weakness potion

Potion of Weakness (Image via Minecraft)
Potion of Weakness (Image via Minecraft)

Potion of Weakness is a potion with a negative effect. Players can use this potion and golden apples to cure zombie villagers in Minecraft. Cured villagers sell items at low prices. Players can make Weakness potions by adding fermented spider eyes to water bottles.

Disclaimer: This list is subjective and solely reflects the views of the writer.

Edited by Danyal Arabi

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