Top 5 uses for Terracotta in Minecraft

Glazed terracotta patterns (Image via
Glazed terracotta patterns (Image via

Terracotta is a middle-aged block in Minecraft. Terracotta is hardened clay that can be dyed 16 colors and has blast protection and hardness similar to stone.

When terracotta is dyed, it becomes a duller shade of the dye color instead of vibrant like dyed wool. Terracotta is often found in the Badlands biome but can also be crafted with clay and dye.

Terracotta was first introduced to Minecraft on April 24th, 2013 (almost eight years ago) in a screenshot from developer Dinnerbone. Terracotta was swiftly added to the game under the name hardened clay in 1.6.1 in the 13w17a update.

One update later, the developers added color variants to the hardened clay. Hardened clay would be changed to the name "Terracotta" in 1.12 in the 17w16a update a few years later.

Today, Minecraft players have all sorts of terracotta variants and stunning builds combining the different colors and shades of the block.

5 best uses for Terracotta in Minecraft

#1 - Minecraft's music


If players are interested in using Redstone to create a song in Minecraft, they might be wondering how to get the deep bassy sounds found in most musical pieces.

They'll be happy to know that terracotta can be placed under a music note block to create a deeper and richer bass sound. This will give the note block a bass drum sound and feel, which should help spice up any Minecraft musical number.

#2 - Creeper and Ghast fights

Creeper vs Steve (Image via
Creeper vs Steve (Image via

If the player is looking for some XP or drops from explosive mobs in the game, they may want to carry terracotta with them into battle. Similar to stone, terracotta is very blast resistant.

If players have two terracotta blocks in front of them and a creeper explodes, the terracotta will be destroyed, but the player will be unharmed. This method of blocking can be very useful in fights, especially since players don't have to go underground to obtain terracotta.

#3 - Trading

Trading Villager (Image via
Trading Villager (Image via

As many players know, Villagers can be leveled up through trading to produce better deals for players. This allows players to get rare items through easier means. For more information on trading, click here.

When a Villager is an expert level stonemason, they will offer to give the player one emerald for 16 terracotta. Terracotta is an easy resource to obtain, so this trade can be used to the players' advantage to get emeralds quickly.

#4 - Extra protection and color on builds


Players who are looking for a dessert or warm climate-themed build should definitely use terracotta. Terracotta allows for great protection from mobs at night and a wide variance in color. A player who knows how to properly stylize their build with terracotta could create an expert-level build.

#5 - Beautiful glazed blocks


Terracotta can be used for decoration as well. Players can create beautifully glazed terracotta pieces by using different fuels and different colors of terracotta in a furnace. There are tons of glazed terracotta variants as well, so players should definitely experiment with different looks in Minecraft.

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