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5 worst villager trades in Minecraft

A villager in the Minecraft world (Image via
A villager in the Minecraft world (Image via
Modified 18 Feb 2021
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There are a variety of villager trades that can be done in Minecraft, but some of them are absolute ripoffs.

Trading with villagers can be a great way for Minecraft players to obtain certain items or sell some things that they do not need in exchange for emeralds. Some trades that villagers offer are really good deals, while others feel like complete swindles.

Bad villager trades often involve players spending far too many emeralds for a relatively simple-to-obtain item. Sometimes, a villager will offer to pay far too little emeralds for an item that should be worth more.

Minecraft players should be aware of some of the bad deals that villagers may offer to avoid being taken advantage of as well as to save their precious emeralds and items.

This article showcases the five worst villager trades in Minecraft that players should stay away from at all costs.

Disclaimer: This list is subjective and reflects only the opinion of the article's writer

Top 5 worst villager trades in Minecraft

#5 - Five Emeralds for a Leather Cap


This trade is a horrible deal for Minecraft players, as leather is substantially more abundant than emeralds. Emerald ore is one of the rarest ores in the entire game. Players can read about them here.

Leather, on the other hand, can be obtained by quickly slaying different animals that can be found throughout the Overworld, such as cows, mooshrooms, donkeys, llamas, horses, and mules.

On top of that, leather armor pieces are almost entirely for cosmetic purposes. They have limited defensive uses and only really offer the ability to be dyed to any color available in Minecraft.

Players should not make this trade with Apprentice Leatherworker Villagers and should go farm out some leather instead.

#4 - Four Scutes for One Emeralds

Scutes are primarily obtained when a baby turtle grows into an adult, dropping its old shell in the process. It is not every day that players run into turtles, let alone encounter them right when they grow up.


Getting scutes is a bit of a time commitment. Players can get them by either setting up a farm or hunting down turtles in the wild.

It is important to remember that scutes have niche uses. This means they can be used for better purposes than just to get a single emerald.

If a Minecraft player has four scutes, they should just get one more to craft a turtle shell instead. A turtle shell can be used as a neat cosmetic helmet that grants water breathing. It can also be used to brew up a Potion of the Turtle Master.

Players should not make this trade with Experic Cleric Villagers.

#3 - Seven Emeralds for an Item Frame

Item Frames are essentially just a bunch of sticks and a single piece of leather, and these items can be obtained very easily.

Sticks can be acquired by punching down trees in the Overworld and converting those logs into wood planks and then into sticks. As mentioned previously, leather can be procured by killing a few animal mobs.

Item Frames are mostly just for decoration and customization, and their uses are fairly limited.

Players should, therefore, not make this trade with Expert Cartographer Villagers.


#2 - Seven Emeralds for a Map

A map can be a relatively useful item. Maps allow players to fill in a reference sheet that offers all of the information regarding their surroundings. Filled-in maps can then help players keep track of important landmarks and locations.

However, maps are not the problem with this trade. The problem is the number of emeralds that are required to complete it. Seven emeralds is way too much for what is essentially sheets of paper.

Minecraft players should not make this trade with Novice Cartographer Villagers as they can easily get their hands on a lot of paper in the most rudimentary sugar cane farm.

#1 - Five Emeralds for a Clock


Clocks in Minecraft are a niche item at best and are completely useless in most cases.

This item will tell a Minecraft player the time of day. However, any player who is on the surface can simply look up into the sky and tell what time of day it is for themselves.

This item may come in handy when players are mining underground, but there is no way that small convenience is worth a whopping five emeralds. Players will quickly learn what time it is as they approach the surface and see light or darkness.

Players should, therefore, not make this trade with Expert Librarian Villagers.

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Published 18 Feb 2021, 05:56 IST
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