Minecraft Sugarcane

SugarCane image taken from Minecraft
SugarCane image taken from Minecraft
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Sugar cane is one of the easiest Minecraft crops to grow, as all the plant needs is a little bit of water and land.

Sugar cane is an incredibly common crop that players can naturally encounter in the Minecraft Overworld. This is a major convivence, because the plant is actually quite useful. Sugar cane can be crafted into both sugar and paper, which are essential crafting components for other practical items.

Just to name a few uses, paper can be used to craft banners, books, and maps, while sugar is needed to make cakes and potions of swiftness. The best thing about sugar cane is that even players without a green-thumb can learn how to grow them fairly easily.

This article will be showcasing how Minecraft players can grow their very own sugar cane.

How to find Sugar cane: Step by Step

Sugarcane image taken from Minecraft
Sugarcane image taken from Minecraft

Step 1: Locate a Body of Water

The first step to growing sugar cane is finding an initial batch that spawned organically in the Minecraft Overworld. Sugar cane has the potential to naturally generate near water, and grow up to one, two, three, or on rare occasion four blocks high.

Luckily, sugar canes can generate in any biome in the Minecraft Overworld. However, the game will attempt to spawn them in twice as frequently in swamps and six times as frequently in deserts.

Step 2: Break Sugarcane

All Minecraft players need to do is give a sugar cane a quick punch, and they will be able to pick it up. Players should remember during their search, that sugarcane will only generate near water. If a player can find water, they will eventually be able to find some sugar cane.

Fun Fact: The shade of green that a sugar cane has, is actually dependent on what biome the sugar cane is placed in!

How to grow sugar cane in Minecraft

Images via Minecraft
Images via Minecraft

Once a player has sugar cane in their inventory, it is time to find a place where they want to grow it. Sugar cane can be planted on grass, dirt, coarse dirt, podzol, sand, or red sand when it is directly next to a source to a source of water. The water does not need to be a source block. Even the thinnest running water will still allow you to plant sugar cane.

Water is the key to getting sugar cane in order to grow, as it does not need a light source, like other crops in Minecraft do. This means that a player can be very creative on where they start their sugar cane farm, as one would be able to grow underground without issue.

Once a sugar cane is placed on an acceptable block that is adjacent to water, the only thing left to do is wait for it to grow.

Crafting Recipes for Sugar Cane

Sugarcane can be crafted into two items. It can be crafted into sugar or paper. To craft sugarcane into sugar, you simply need to place it into the crafting menu. One Piece of sugar cane will yield one piece of sugar.

Images via Minecraft
Images via Minecraft

To craft sugar cane into paper, it will require three sugar cane placed into a row.

Images via Minecraft
Images via Minecraft

Each successful craft will yield 3 pieces of paper.

Congratulations, everyone who read this now knows how to grow their very own sugar cane!

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