Best uses for powdered snow in Minecraft 1.17 Caves and Cliffs update

Image via Wattles, youtube
Image via Wattles, youtube

Powdered snow is a new block being added to the Minecraft via the 1.17 Caves and Cliffs update.

Along with many other amazing blocks and mobs (like the new Copper ore and new Warden mob), powdered snow will be a wonderful addition to Minecraft. Although seemingly unnecessary at first glance, this block will be a gamechanger when it comes to game mechanics. Considering how the block works, it gives players endless opportunities to enhance their worlds, exploring capabilities, and more.

It may seem obsolete, but powdered snow has many great uses for players. Here are the best ways for a player to take advantage of the new powdered snow block in the latest snapshot (20w51a) and upcoming update, 1.17 Caves and Cliffs.

How does powdered snow work in Minecraft 1.17?

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Powdered snow is a new block that can be collected from cauldrons. Placing a cauldron in a snowy biome will allow it to fill with snow over time; once full, Minecraft players can collect that block in a bucket.

These blocks are unique because they aren't solid. Instead, players sink into them and fall completely through them if there isn't a concrete block underneath. If a player remains in the snow for too long, a frosted vignette will appear on their screen, and their hearts will freeze. After about 15 seconds (or 300 in-game ticks), the player will begin to take damage from the snow.

Since every mob besides those that are too light to sink into it can get hurt by powdered snow, many players have speculated that these blocks will be great for improving mob farms, too!

Best ways to use powdered snow in Minecraft 1.17

Image via SomeNutzGuy, youtube
Image via SomeNutzGuy, youtube

Powdered snow is a great new way to hide away a secret base in the latest update.

Since Minecraft 1.17 is updating cliffs and mountains to be a lot more interesting, this is a great time to explore having a base in a mountainous biome. These powdered snow blocks are not affected by gravity, unlike sand and gravel, making them perfect for covering hidden bases.

Putting the entrance to a secret base in a snowy biome, underneath a block of powdered snow, is an excellent idea because powdered snow looks almost identical to real snow blocks and can blend in almost perfectly.

Image via ColiLightning, Youtube
Image via ColiLightning, Youtube

Also, powdered snow is a great way to pillow any fall from a great height!

Many advanced Minecraft players like to use water buckets for 'mlg'-ing, also known as Major League Gaming, to protect themselves/others from fall damage by using various tactics.

The usual MLG tactic is to use water to prevent fall damage. Other players place ladders on the edges of blocks, or even MLG by mounting a horse before they hit the ground.

This might mean that Minecraft pros will replace their usual MLG water bucket with an MLG powdered snow bucket sometime in the future.


Here's a great video reference for MLG tactics for players to up their game when playing Minecraft.

Powdered snow is also a great tool to use in the Nether!

Image via Jira Minecraft
Image via Jira Minecraft

To eventually fight and defeat the Ender Dragon, the player must fight blazes to get enough blaze powder for the portal ender eyes.

Powdered snow, unlike water, is placeable in the Nether. It also extinguishes players that are on fire. This gives players a new way to defeat blazes easily without risking their lives, as they can sit inside the powdered snow block and attack the blazes from there.

Unlike powdered snow in a cauldron, the powdered snow block doesn't seem to diminish over time, making it an endlessly reusable block for the Nether.

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