Biomes O' Plenty Minecraft mod: Everything you need to know

Lush desert biome from Biomes O' Plenty (Image via CurseForge)
Lush desert biome from Biomes O' Plenty (Image via CurseForge)
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Ever since Minecraft's inception over a decade ago, the gaming community has created many beautiful mod packs. After playing vanilla Minecraft for a long time, many players end up getting bored. Using mods, players can make Minecraft more fun.

Mods can bring slight changes to textures, recipes, and utilities or replace vanilla Minecraft entirely. Some mods add minor QoL features like proximity voice mod, recipe book mod, whereas others can change the natural terrain generation like Biomes O' Plenty.

As evident from its name, the Biomes O' Plenty mod adds custom biomes to Minecraft. This article informs players about everything they need to know about Biomes O' Plenty.

Biomes O' Plenty Minecraft mod


In vanilla Minecraft, players can find tons of biomes ranging from jungles to deserts. However, watching the same biomes every day soon becomes dull. With Biomes O' Plenty, players will be able to find many new biomes in Minecraft.

Biomes O' Plenty adds over 60 new biomes to Minecraft. Players can find the alps, tropics, overgrown cliffs, floodplains, and many more. Many of these biomes are improved versions of already existing biomes.

A rainforest biome (Image via CurseForge)
A rainforest biome (Image via CurseForge)

Players will also find completely new biomes such as Seasonal Forest, Cherry Blossom Grove, Lush Desert, etc. In the nether realm, players will discover dangerous biomes like Crystalline Chasm, Withered abyss, Ashen Inferno, Boneyard, and more.

Biomes aren't the only attraction of this mod. In the new biomes, players will find various new trees, blocks, and items. Using them, players can craft things like staff, artifacts, and more.

Downloading and instaling Biomes O' Plenty

Biomes O' Plenty is available for free on CurseForge. Players can download the mod from here. Since this is a forge mod, players have to download forge client to play this mod.

Instaling this mod (Image via TheBreakDown)
Instaling this mod (Image via TheBreakDown)

After downloading the mod, players will have to move the mod file to the mods folder of Minecraft. Open file manager and type "%appdata% in the search box. Go to the .minecraft folder and then paste the mod file. After pasting the mod file, players will have to launch Minecraft forge, and that's it.

Biomes O' Plenty mod is installed and ready to be played. The last step to get all those beautiful biomes is to create a new Minecraft world. Players will have to select the "Biomes O' Plenty" world type to add biomes from the mod.

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