Deep dark cities in Minecraft's The Wild Update: Everything known so far

Even though they've been delayed, cities in the deep dark biome are exciting many players (Image via Mojang).
Even though they've been delayed, cities in the deep dark biome are exciting many players (Image via Mojang).
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Featured as part of the worldwide stream for Minecraft Live 2021, the deep dark biome of The Wild Update (originally part of Caves & Cliffs Part 2) is getting its own ancient cities.

Deep Dark Biome was one of the most anticipated Minecraft releases this year when it was slated to come out with Minecraft's 1.8 update. Even though it's been pushed back to 2022, Mojang has proved to be working hard on expanding the subterranean biome.

The biome will include its own sprawling cities and more than a few chests of loot to match. The reveal of deep dark cities has raised more than a few questions, and fortunately, there's some info to be had as well.

Minecraft: Early info on deep dark cities

Deep dark cities are rife with sculk growth, much to the Warden's advantage (Image via Mojang).
Deep dark cities are rife with sculk growth, much to the Warden's advantage (Image via Mojang).

Covered in spots by sculk, brandishing candles and lined with soul lanterns, deep dark cities are incredibly spooky locales by Minecraft's standards. From what players have seen from the reveal, deep dark cities can be somewhat reminiscent of fortresses, but with more than a few things that help it stand out as a unique Minecraft structure.

View the Minecraftwiki here.

The sculk creeping throughout is the most apparent difference, which players have seen from prior releases react to a player's movement. If they move quickly through the dark blocks, their movements will reverberate at a distance through vibrations.


Sculk catalysts, veins, and shriekers

Blocks known as sculk catalysts have been shown to spread sculk when mobs die near them, complicating Minecraft players' combat prospects. Sculk veins also creep slowly over existing blocks, spreading sculk further.

Other blocks known as sculk shriekers are also present, which create a loud noise and a pulsating dark effect when activated by players' movement or interaction vibrations. Players will want to avoid making too much noise in the deepslate-laden city, or they'll be in for a nasty surprise.

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The Warden

The Warden mob, first revealed early on when it was projected to release in Caves & Cliffs, is the protector of the deep dark biome and its cities' treasure horde. The creature can appear if too many sculk shriekers are activated (or possibly if too much noise/vibration is made in general).

Although the Warden is blind, it can feel vibrations sent through sculk, which allows it to detect its targets. It will attack players, mobs, or other entities that make vibrations through sculk. This can be used to distract it, as throwing/firing projectiles cause it to investigate the disturbance.


Minecraft players in the presence of the Warden should be careful, as it does retain a sense of smell and can attack players if they're close enough regardless of vibrations made. The mob itself is mighty, capable of doing 16 hearts' worth of damage to a player in full Netherite armor.

Check out the Minecraft Education Edition here.

For most players, the plan should be to sneak about the deep dark cities, avoid making sounds or vibrations, loot the items found within, and escape before they draw the rage of the Warden. If the lumbering hostile mob becomes particularly agitated with a player, it will follow them relentlessly until it kills them.

Tread carefully in the deep dark biome.

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