Top 5 features removed from Minecraft 1.18 Caves & Cliffs Part 2 update

Features removed from 1.18 update (Image via Mojang)
Features removed from 1.18 update (Image via Mojang)
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At Minecraft Live 2021, Mojang surprised viewers with loads of announcements and reveals. The next major game update, The Wild Update, will be coming out in 2022.

Though Mojang announced the Minecraft 1.19 update, the Caves and Cliffs Part 2 update is yet to be released. At last year's live event, Mojang probably bit off more than they could chew. Minecraft developers had to split the update into two parts to deliver all the announced features.

Even after the split, Mojang is now delaying features by moving them to The Wild Update. This article lists some features removed from Minecraft 1.18 update.

Major features eliminated from recent Caves & Cliffs update in Minecraft 1.18

5) Archeology

Archeology (Image via Mojang)
Archeology (Image via Mojang)

Last year, Mojang showcased archeology for the Minecraft Caves and Cliffs update. After the split, it was moved to the second part of the update. Unfortunately, a few months ago, developers announced that archeology would be added in a future update.

However, this is for the best, as many players agree that archeology shown at Minecraft Live 2020 was unfinished and far from what it should be. Hopefully, Mojang will add archeology in The Wild Update, but there is no confirmation so far.

4) Sculk sensor

We couldn’t resist giving you another look at the Deep Dark together with some new unseen features!↣

Sculk sensors are already available through commands, but they won't naturally generate in the 1.18 update. Sculk sensor, along with other sculk blocks, will arrive in Minecraft's The Wild Update.

When The Wild Update is released, players will be able to farm sculk sensors using sculk catalysts. Sculk sensors are redstone components capable of detecting vibrations and, in return, producing redstone signals.

3) Goat horns


Unfortunately, fans of Minecraft's iconic goats won't be getting the goat horns in Minecraft 1.18. While the horns are already implemented in Bedrock Edition, they don't have an exact use yet. Players can recreate the pillager raid sound using goat horns, but it has no other uses.

Minecraft developer Ulraf has said goat horns won't be added in the Caves and Cliffs Part 2 update. Players can expect it to arrive in The Wild Update, but there's still no confirmation.

2) Bundles

Bundles will be revolutionary for early-game players. Unfortunately, they won't be a part of the Minecraft 1.18 update. Ulraf has said that bundles will also be added in a future release, possibly along with the goat horns. Like goat horns, players can still obtain bundles using commands in the game.

1) The Warden

At least sneaking will give you a creeper’s chance against the terror of this new biome, the Warden!↣

During Minecraft Live 2021, Mojang officially announced that the deep dark cave biomes are coming in The Wild Update, not in Caves and Cliffs Part 2. All deep dark cave features, including the Warden mob, are now part of the 1.19 update. Players won't have to face the terrifying Warden in the 1.18 release at least.

The wait will definitely be worth it as Mojang shared a new look of upcoming deep dark caves featuring ancient cities, new sculk blocks, and much more.

Note: This article is subjective and solely reflects the opinion of the writer.

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